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Amazon Echo vs. Echo Dot

Amazon Echo vs Echo Dot – Is there a difference? We’ve got a few pertinent questions answered to help you understand the difference in these two smart home devices. This post contains affiliate links. Please read the full blog disclaimer here.  If you’re in the market for a smart home device, then you’ve probably heard […]

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The Amazon Echo and Why You Need One

Technology is ever-changing and there are many ways to infuse it into almost every part of our lives, even our homes. Surely, you’ve heard all the talk about having a “smart home.” One way that you can start the smart home journey is by having an Amazon Echo. Today, you’ll be learning all about the Amazon […]

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I See You Mom

I see you Mom. Awake at 2:30, 4:30, and 6:30 for a late-night feeding. The baby decided to start cluster feeding tonight. Last night you slept for approximately 4 hours of broken sleep. Pfft! That ain’t sleep! Regardless, you must wake and be “normal.” You put your makeup on and smile. This time will pass […]

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An Evening with Adele in Concert

Adele Ticket Fiasco On December 17, 2015, we used 4 computers and precious time to do one thing – score Adele concert tickets! We knew that with all the anticipation for Adele’s U.S. concert, that it would be tough to get tickets. The tickets were expected to sell out but we had a plan to […]

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Walmart Neighborhood Market Review

Are you looking for low prices for quality brands? Look no further than your local Walmart Neighborhood Market. Read this review to see why you might want to give Walmart another chance. There is no way of getting around it…I hate Walmart! Yep, I said. I’ve been a Walmart hater for years now and I’m […]

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Shop Our Family Favorites

Summer is flying by, and I do have a small confession. I’m starting to crave fall days. I mean, I love summer. This summer has been no different. But, I’m ready to put my boots and cardigans on, like yesterday. I thought we’d start the week of by sharing some of our family’s favorite items. […]

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A Letter to My Daughter & Her Teacher – Kindergarten

To Letter to My Daughter on Your First Day of Kindergarten  Marley, look at you, you’ve grown so much in the past 5 years! You’ve made it to this point so fast. You started kindergarten today! I’ve heard it said so many times, and I sort of started to despise the words “They grow up […]

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San Francisco Travel

Thinking about traveling to San Francisco? We’re sharing tidbits for San Francisco travel that will help with your vacation planning. There is something truly inspiring about traveling. Creativity starts to flow when you can step away and see the world. It can be exploring your local area or a new town you’ve never been to. […]

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