Easy Entertaining with Sipp® Sparkling Organics

sipp, sipp sparkling organics, organic drink, organic drinks, sipp eco bev, sipp eco bev review

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sipp, sipp sparkling organics, organic drink, organic drinks, sipp eco bev

This is easy entertaining with Sipp® Sparkling Organics!

There is not mistaking that I like to take the easy route when it comes to entertaining. That’s why I started my entertaining with a tray series. The fact is I want to be great at entertaining, but all too often it’s overwhelming for me. Instead of striving for perfection I got get caught up in the details. Maybe you often feel the same way too. So, I’ve set out on a mission to look for techniques that make entertaining easy.

That’s why I embrace brands that make it easier for me to do this and Sipp® Sparkling Organics is one of those fabulous brands. Sipp® specializes in USDA Organic Sparkling drinks and they are delicious! Yes, you heard me right…USDA Organic drinks! They come in glass bottles or cans and are sold at major retailers like Whole Foods, Target, and HomeGoods. What’s so easy about these nicely packaged drinks? They are flavored drinks that enhance your meal without taking over. This allows you more time to spend with guests. For me, that takes the guesswork out of entertaining. 

sipp, sipp sparkling organics, organic drink, organic drinks, sipp eco bev, sipp eco bev review

Sipp® started with founder, Beth Wilson’s loves to create and entertain. She’s done all the hard work and bottled her favorite sparkling concoctions. I just love the clean design of the packaging! Mojo Berry, Zesty Orange, and Ginger Blossom are some of the tantalizing flavors that have been created. That’s right! No looking for drink recipes to impress your guests. Just serve up your favorite Sipp® flavor over ice or chilled. That’s my kind of entertaining!

Sipp Sparkling Organics 10

If you’re wondering what kind of food to pair with Sipp® Sparkling Organics drinks, then it all depends on the setting. If it’s just an informal and quick hangout with friends, put together the ultimate cheese tray.  Cheese, a variety of meats, and tasty sides like olives will definitely enhance the flavor of your drinks. Your guests will love the variety in food and the ability to graze. Also, if you’re planning a big meal, these sparkling drinks will be great to add into the mix. Your guests will definitely stop and stare. They will want to know “Where did you get this?” Sipp® is definitely a conversation starter and I love that about this brand.

sipp, sipp sparkling organics, organic drink, organic drinks, sipp eco bev, sipp eco bev review

When you’re looking for easy ways to entertain, don’t forget the details.

The details tell your guests that you care about them.

In this case, serve up Sipp® varieties in a copper mug, add a sprig of mint or rosemary, and add fresh fruit. Use cocktail napkins and paper straws if you have some handy too. These small details make your guests say “WOW” and really it was effortless on your part. See? I told you this was easy.

If you’re feeling adventurous, add a splash of your favorite liquor like vodka or tequila to take things up an extra notch. We will definitely be experimenting with different ways to spruce up these tasty drinks. With the help of Sipp®, you’ll be feeling more confident about entertaining guests.  The unique flavor combinations, tantalizing taste, and clean packaging will have you and your guests wanting more. We’re so happy that we’ve found these awesome drinks and hope that you’ll give them a shot too! Now let’s all #haveasipp!

sipp, sipp sparkling organics, organic drink, organic drinks, sipp eco bev, sipp eco bev review

If you’re wanting to connect more with Sipp® then visit the brand on social media here:

Website: http://www.haveasipp.com/

Instagram: @sippecobev

Twitter: @haveasipp

Facebook: /haveasipp

 Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve ever tried Sipp® or if you’d like to. 


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    • Jahleel
    • September 24, 2017

    Yes I will try them! I also love ❤️ the label! I am looking forward to trying the ginger blossom flavor.

    1. Reply

      I love the package design too! Let me know what you think of the ginger blossom.

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