Roadside Find: Headboard

There IS something that brings me greater joy over paying for a great deal…free furniture on the side of the road. People put stuff at their roadside all of the time.  They don’t want it anymore and feel it will be better suited at the junk yard.  One man’s junk could really be another man’s treasure…this man.  Well this woman.  When I pass trash, I probably will turn around and take a second look.  Most of the time, I discover that the furniture is in deplorable condition or too much work for me so I leave it.  However, every now and then a piece is in great condition or can be easily repaired.  In that case, I open my trunk and throw it in.  That happened for the first time last year when I found this headboard.

She (something about this piece is feminine) was just waiting for someone to pick her up and I was the perfect candidate.  This was my first time picking up furniture from someone’s trash so I can’t even begin to share the rush that I felt. I felt like I was stealing something and if I got caught I would be in big trouble. I felt so bad I even knocked on the door to double-check with the owners to make sure it was trash. (By the way, no one came to the door and no one called the cops on me).  So I hurried to shove the bed into my cargo area up over my daughter’s carseat.   If you’ve ever done this before you know the feeling I’m talking about.  In spite of how bad this might seem, I was so excited that I had a FREE headboard for my empty house.  It would be a perfect addition to our guest bedroom.

I called “B” right away to tell him what happened and continued looking on nearby streets to see if I could find anything else.  I didn’t.  You see good finds are hard to find, especially the free ones.  They don’t come around that often.  So, I happily went home with my headboard and it went straight to the shed until about a month ago.  I pulled it out, cleaned it up, and starting painting with Olde White ASCP (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint). After one coat of paint she started looking better.

I added another coat of paint and let it dry overnight.  The next day I distressed a little with sandpaper, and then prepped the surface for wax.  That involved making sure all the dust was removed from the distressing process. One the surface was clean and smooth it was ready to be waxed.  A solid coat of Annie Sloan clear wax was used on the entire bed.  I use sponge brushes when I apply wax.  That’s normally what I have on hand that gets the job done.  I let the wax dry for a couple of hours then came back to buff it out.  On a piece like this, I buffed in a circular motion to protect and seal the paint.  This produces a smooth shine and velvety feel to your piece.   I’ll explain in different post why buffing in a circular motion isn’t always as effective.  I think it depends on the piece and the pattern of the wood grain.  Once the piece was sealed it was ready for it’s new home, the upstairs guest bedroom.  She was ready just in time for family visiting.

The walls in this room are painted SW Urbane Bronze, so thus the reason why I went with the light colored bed. For now, I like the brightness that she brings to the room.  I’m already dreaming up different colors that could work…maybe a pop of color.  Hmm…

Have you rescued any great pieces (feminine or masculine) from the trash?  Please share.  

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I'm Crystal and I write.