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Though my kitchen still has a ways to go to be perfect – I still enjoy cooking. So that means I do spend ample time in my kitchen. I always look for little ways to stay inspired in my kitchen even if it’s wearing my pretty apron from Anthropologie or using special pots.  A little music helps me to not focus on what needs to be changed around me, but to focus on the food I’m cooking. I always try to cook my food with love too – something my Dad taught me. Maybe you’re building a new kitchen, remodeling, or just looking for new items. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite kitchen items that I know you’ll love too.

Hammered Copper Pot with Flower Lid 

Copper is becoming very popular right now. All of the major home and kitchen retailers are carrying more items in this beautiful material. I’ve always been a huge fan of old cooper items – tea sets, teapots, anything old and cooper is my friend. What I love about this hammered copper pot is the lid – a flower lid! It really makes a standard pot unique and the hammered copper is beautiful. This pot is perfect for soups and small gumbos!

cooper saucepan

Chambray Apron

I’m a sucker for a good kitchen apron and you really should replace your apron from time to time. Though chambray (blue-jean) is trending, it really is a classic look. Look what I found – A chambray apron! LOVE! Like I mentioned earlier, my current apron came from Anthropologie and I do like it but it’s gotten stained and needs to be replaced. I can’t imagine how I’d feel twirling around my remodeled kitchen in this navy chambray apron! Inspired!

chambray open

Galvanized Bucket with Rope Handles

No matter how big or small your dining space, I really feel like everyone should have a galvanized bucket for entertaining. It’s perfect for chilling a bottle of wine or bottled drinks. Also a galvanized bucket would work well for a self-serve area storing utensils, plates, and napkins. The possibilities are endless for a bucket like this. Not to mention the look is classic and will continue to match your kitchen decor no matter what changes you make.

galvanized bucket

Marble and Wood Cake Stand 

I’m a sucker for a pretty cake stand. I recently saw an all marble one in Williams and Sonoma and fell in love. I received one as a wedding gift but it eventually broke and I’ve never replaced it. What I like about this cake stand is the mix of textures – wood and marble.  You really can’t go wrong with this one. The two different materials ensure that this entertaining piece will match every kitchen.

marble and wood cake stand

Footed Glass Cloche

I own one cloche, but don’t use it much. I’m still looking for the best way to use it. However, every time I see them I think “Man, that is so pretty!” It’s something about the dome shaped lid that does it for me. The footed vintage base on this cloche is so pretty to me too. Most cloches have a small base but when displayed correctly they really are nice pieces. I definitely need to upgrade my cloche for this one. It has a timeless, vintage look – my kind of look!

footed glass cloche

Chopping Board

I own one cutting board, yep, one. It’s because I like pretty wooden cutting boards, and I’ve never bought more. I don’t like the plastic flimsy ones. I recognize they have some practicality but I don’t like they way they look. Why buy something if you don’t like the way it looks? I’m anxious to start building my cutting board collection and would love to start with this acacia chopping board. It’s beautiful color and sexy shape are perfect to me! Yes, I said circles are sexy. 🙂 This board is perfect for any chopping board collection.

acacia chopping board

Interested in any of the above items? Here’s the list to purchase them:

Hammered Copper Pot with Flower Lid:

Chambray Apron –

Galvanized Tub with Handles –

Marble and Wood Cake Stand –

Footed Glass Cloche –

Chopping Board –

That’s my top favorite kitchen items that I’m loving today. Are you building, remodeling, or sprucing up your kitchen? What kitchen items are you loving right now? Leave your comments. Happy Friday!!!



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