5 Ways to Use a Mason Jar

mason jar 6 ways

Mason jars can be found everywhere. You can get vintage and antique ones at flea markets. Most craft stores, supermarkets, and even dollar stores carry these useful glass containers. When I was still in business with The Vintage Company, we used them often for centerpieces and other wedding/event uses. Mason jars are made for canning foods, salsa, and other items that can be stored away for future use. However, I’m here today to share 5 ways to use a mason jar and they don’t involve canning.

1. Flower Vases

This is by far my most favorite way to use a mason jar! Hydrangeas, succulents, and even roses look very pretty in mason jars. You can then in turn use them as centerpieces and decor accents. Mason jar flower vases should look intentional. So be sure to not cut the flowers too short before you place them in the mason jars. You’ll want them to hug the top of the jar. Treat the mason jar as you would any other flower vase. Easy-peasy and gorgeous!

2. Organization

You can put pretty much anything in a mason jar and that makes them great for organization purposes. You can corral cotton balls, Q-tips, kitchen utensils and other small items items into mason jars. Laundry room items like laundry detergent pods, clothespins, and even lonely socks can be corralled into mason jars.

Tip: Add major glam to mason jars by painting them, adding knobs to the lids, tying twine or burlap around them, or even using vinyl/glass etching to create customized glass containers.

Mason jars come in various sizes and colors too. So no matter what your needs or style is, you can find and customize a mason jar for your project.

3. Food and Drink

Believe it or not, mason jars are perfect for entertaining. If you’re preparing an appetizer like “The Ultimate Cheese Tray“, then you’ll find little mason jars helpful for small food like olives or cheese. Salted or sugar-rimmed mason jars make awesome cocktails and even mocktails. If you’re mixing drinks, give attention to the rim with salt, sugar, and fresh fruit. Add paper straws, cute stirrers, and drink napkins to make your guests say “WOW!”

4. Herb Garden

Did someone say herbs?! Every week I use herbs for cooking food like soups, steaks, and more. That means that I’m constantly buying new herbs every week from the grocery store. Why not plant your own garden and have fresh herbs at your disposal? If you’re keeping them inside, you will need to keep them hydrated and with plenty of sunlight. Believe me, I’ve already killed fresh herbs before. But, I’m at it again and hope to keep my thyme, cilantro, and rosemary alive. They do smell awesome and look even better in my mason jars. Another easy Saturday evening project for you!


5. Gifts

I’m so proud of you for remembering that this week was Teacher Appreciation Week. Yes, you. But, this lady thought it was next week. Thankfully, I had to take pictures of gift ideas for my blog so now I have a gift to send for my daughter’s teacher. {I am a horrible Mom.} She is awesome and so I’m glad that I remembered before it was too late. This mason jar gift idea can work for almost anyone! For gift ideas, use baked goods, pedicure/manicure items and bite-sized candy to create a unique gift. To personalize the gift, add tags, colored twine, and use fillers to create the “more effect”. What’s great is that because everything is stuffed into the jar it will really amplifies the items. In reality, other than the mason jar, all of the items in the spa set above came from the dollar store or I had on hand.

Mason jars are a really thrifty way to decorate, accessorize events, and even eat and drink. Don’t be intimidated by these awesome glass containers. Pick up a few, get organized, or have a cocktail.

What do you like about mason jars? Let me know in the comments below. 



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