Entertaining with a Galvanized Tray: Coffee to Go

Entertaining Coffee 2It’s been so much fun entertaining with a just a tray and simple snacks. This is our last entertaining with a galvanized tray post, and today we are featuring coffee. Of course, you can always add other snacks if you have it on hand. But, remember, this series was all about keeping it simple. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, you surely have all everything to pull this tray together. Just in case you’re wondering, you can entertain with just coffee. You can serve this coffee tray after dinner, for a midday snack, or first thing in the morning by itself.


Tip: Be sure to put out all the coffee fixings your guests might ever need. For this coffee tray, I put out 2 different creamers and 3 different types of sugar. You may like pure sugar but a guest may prefer Sweet and Lo. Just go ahead and put all the possible options on the tray. This will ensure you’re accommodating for different taste preferences. Even with this simple tray entertaining, it’s important to be flexible with what you offer.






Tip: As with all the trays, styling and making them look pretty is huge! Find small containers for sugar, creamer, and stirrers. If you have any antique serving ware, pull that out. Find ways to use those special items. Why have it if you don’t ever use it? Special or even antique items items can be used in these quick instances. Show off your pretty stuff! If you don’t have any, start collecting. It really adds character to entertaining, especially when you’re not offering a whole lot.


Tip: What’s great about offering coffee in paper cups is it makes it feel informal. Guests don’t want to dirty up your dishes. As a person who rarely buys paper plates, I know that people don’t want to dirty your clean dishes. So, in this case, let them have their way. Find cute paper cups so it keeps the mood light and informal. Hey, it’s less work for you too! Guests will throw out their cups when they are done. If they’re in a rush or want to take coffee to go, then they’re all set. What’s not to love?!



I’ll have one more post to help you create the look, but otherwise this series is complete.

Which entertaining with a tray post was your favorite, wine and cheese tray, tea and muffins, or this post about coffee to go? Do you feel confident that you can entertain with just a tray? You can do it!


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