French Bread Sandwiches

french bread,french bread sandwiches,lunch at home,quick lunch,sandwiches,

french bread,french bread sandwiches,lunch at home,quick lunch,sandwiches

Take your french bread sandwich up a notch with healthy toppings!

We live, work, play, and of course eat here all the time. Our family eats lunch at home 90% of the time. That means we make decent food choices but it does get a little mundane. From time to time, lunch can be a challenge. It should be a quick meal so leftovers are normally a good choice. It’s easy to re-heat leftovers for lunch, but some days I like to switch it up. The family also appreciates it too! So this week we reverted back to an oldie but goodie…french bread sandwiches!

I’ve learned very quickly that if I prepare sandwiches too much during the week, we all get burned out quickly. But they really are quick and easy. Can’t beat that! What I like about french bread is it makes a nice, thick sandwich. It doesn’t take much to fill you up. Also, you can use what’s left for dinner. I also personally enjoy making sandwiches at home because it’s one of the few times I can add all the toppings I love. Brandon and the kids tend to be more picky, so I don’t get to explore a lot with main meals. Make my own sandwich? Yippee!

This week I bought french bread for a planned dinner meal and decided to save some for lunch. We made toasted, black forest ham and cheese sandwiches. For the family, that’s all they need for their sandwiches – meat and cheese. But I searched the fridge for other toppings that would take my sandwich up a notch. If you follow us on Instagram, you’d know that I’ve really started to embrace avocado. I try to keep it on hand for a healthy snack option. Yes, it is healthy for you but it also taste good too. This week, along with tomatoes, I added avocado to my sandwich.  That one simple topping made my sandwich perfect! The creamy texture went well with the crunchy bread. Not to mention tomatoes and avocados go together like peas and carrots. You didn’t know? Now you do.



sandwiches,french bread,french bread sandwiches,lunch at home,quick lunch

French Bread Sandwiches

  1. Cut a slice on french bread that is about 4-6 inches long. French bread is very thick so you don’t need much to fill you up.
  2. Split the sliced bread in half.
  3. Place the ham on one side of the french bread and the cheese on the other half of bread.
  4. To have them toasted, we use the Broil setting on our oven. If you have a toaster over that would work too. Broil for approximately 1 minute or until the tips of your bread stat to brown. Then close your sandwich and place back in the oven for an additional 30 seconds or 1 minute to brown the top. This switch warms you ham, melts your cheese, and toasts your bread perfectly.
  5. Add additional toppings like purple onion, mayo, tomatoes, lettuce, or avocado. Whatever you have on hand!
  6. Serve with SkinnyPop or your favorite chips.
  7. Enjoy!

French bread sandwiches really are a quick and easy lunch option. Once you add in your favorite chips, you’ll be ready to take on the rest of your day.  If you like toppings, then add in your favorite healthy toppings, like sliced purple onion, tomatoes, lettuce, or yes, avocado. You won’t set the world on fire with sandwiches, but you can make healthy choices. That’s all I’ve been aiming for lately. Looking for ways to make smarter eating choices. I encourage you to do the same.

Maybe one day the rest of the family will see all that a sandwich can be. OK, maybe not.

What do you eat for lunch when you’re home? Are you stuck on sandwiches? Leave your comments below for new lunch ideas.


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