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6 inspiring outdoor spaces

In relation to love, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. That is definitely true and I’ve been fortunate to experience that. While Brandon and I were dating over 10 years ago, we did so over a long distance relationship. Every time we could spend time together was refreshing and fun. The distance was helpful in our courtship and had us waiting for the next time we’d see each other.

In life, I think the same is true. Life can make you feel pretty heavy sometimes and leave little left. Some time away from everything makes you feel refreshed and ready to get back. You feel inspired and ready to take on whatever will be waiting for you when you get back. We will be taking a few days to get away…some time to be refreshed. The great thing is, I’m already starting to feel a little lighter.

In honor of starting to feel inspired, I want to share some inspiring outdoor spaces to get you thinking about fall. No, I am not ready for summer to end but my porches could use a little love. Once I get back, I’m sure I’ll have new ideas on how to spruce up my porches and outdoor space. For now, we’ll admire what some other lovely people have done.

The copper lanterns and big planters make this front porch so welcoming. I really like how the planter was layered with different flowers creating a full, waterfall effect. The white exterior and grey ceiling make this look really clean and classic as well.

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Look at this cozy outdoor space! It’s so inviting it feels like a room. The hung curtains and charming colors make you feel good inside. The lanterns have a bohemian feel and I must admit I like that. That curvy table is just my style too. I’ve really grown to love color so all the pops of color really appeal to me as well.

 This porch really is a charmer! It’s probably my favorite because it has a vintage overtone. The carved details on the door and the chippy, rustic bench are right up my alley! With a classic black and white exterior, the pops of color really show in the foliage. The hanging ferns peeking out look so healthy. The potted asparagus ferns look vibrant too…just before you walk in the door.
vintage style porch, inspiring outdoor spaces
This rustic fall porch has an eclectic feel and that’s really nice.The mix of wood, metal, even flannel makes this inspiring outdoor space very unique. Did you notice the cute wreath back there? What I love the most is that it says “FALL”.
rustic porch, fall porch, inspiring outdoor spaces
What’s not to love about this sweet porch? There’s a nice mix of color, which is perfect for the upcoming fall season. I really admire the creative use of items like the flowers in the old wooden crates. The 6 pane chippy window and mirror hanging on the wall make cheap wall art. This porch is nothing short of creative. I love that!
inspiring outdoor spaces, outdoor porch, fall porch
This screened in porch is very professional but I like what it has to offer. Quality lighting and cooling make this porch a a keeper. It has touches of a coastal look and the colors are very warm. No bright colors here…just a clean, uniformed look.
inspiring outdoor spaces, outdoor space, porch, porch decor
Hopefully these inspiring outdoor spaces gave you a little life. Maybe they made you feel a little inspired to tackle your outdoor space for fall. I know that my time away will go quickly and soon I’ll be back. I’ll be refreshed and ready to start on my porches. For now, I’m away.

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