Meal Plan Week 10

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#thehollidaysmealplan2017 week 10

Wow! Another week has come and gone again! Last week, I missed out on meal planning all together due to a family emergency. Things turned from bad to worse quickly and the entire week got overwhelming. There was no time to grocery shop and cook last week. Finally, on Friday, I boiled some seafood and that felt great. Unless we plan on take-out, I always feel guilty about not cooking a home-cooked meal. But in lieu of the things that happened last week, I couldn’t even deal with food. I just embraced life for what it was. That’s why being able to cook a home-cooked meal at the end of the week felt really good.

What do you do when things happen that prevent you from meal planning? If you were live on the Instagram session where I talked about it…maybe you remember the steps I talked about. If not, I’m sharing 4 Steps for Overcoming obstacles and failures in it’s own separate post. So, in case you missed that Instagram live session, now you can read what I talked about in that session. Thankfully, the Instagram live sessions now can be saved. I’ll be able upload them to Youtube in the near future as I create more content on Instagram.

Guess what? It’s a new week, I have a plan, and I am ready to conquer meal planning.

This week’s meal plan is in the image above and features food like Spanish rice. I use this recipe for Spanish rice and I like it a lot. It’s cooked the way that real Spanish rice is prepared, by cooking the rice in hot oil before you add the other ingredients. Then the chicken broth, tomatoes, and tasty ingredients like cilantro and cumin are added. As the rice cooks, all the Spanish flavors are infused into it. I love to see the rice “fluff up” and turn orange. I’m getting all excited just thinking about it!

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This side dish will accompany fajitas, chips, and 2 Sisters Salsa. Ever since we discovered this awesome salsa at our local Rouses, I haven’t made Ole’ Goodie Salsa. That’s how good it is! It taste homemade and I was so happy to find out it’s made in Louisiana. How awesome is that? Be on the lookout for something really special planned with this company that you don’t want to miss. I can’t wait to share it with you!

2 sisters salsa

It’s a short week at home so the meal plan is rather small this week. Guess, I better go grocery shopping to pull this week off. Did you know that shopping was step#2 for successful meal planning? Well, in case you didn’t receive it, I’m happy to announce that today, my 5 page page E-Book, “3 Best Tips for Successful Meal Planning” is available for download! Please download it now! I hope that this 3 step process is helpful to you as it is for me.

Happy meal planning!


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meal plan, meal planning, food plan, menu, family menu

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