Meal Plan Week 6

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#thehollidaysmealplan2017 week 6

Whew! Another week is here and I’ve already done most of the grocery shopping needed to pull off this week’s meal plan. Every week I share my family’s meal plan as accountability for myself but also to help you. We all have to eat every day and that will never change. But life can get really busy and that can make dinner time frustrating. I don’t expect that you will love every recipe or meal that I share. The reason I share my dinner meal plan is in hopes that it might inspire you. If that happens then my job is complete. Here’s what’s up for dinner this week.

Three bean taco soup is a favorite for my family and it’s very simple to prepare. If you’re looking for healthier options, then make modifications for your specific needs. If you don’t eat beef, a healthier meat alternative for this recipe would be ground turkey. In addition, we like extra toppings like cheddar cheese, Fritos, and even sour cream. But you can definitely skip the extra toppings or choose low-fat options. I believe food should be tasty, even if you have diet restrictions. Modify your recipe so that it meets your needs but doesn’t ultimately sacrifice the taste. It can be done!

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Three Bean Taco Soup

I’ve been craving boiled seafood for a few week’s now and have decided that I’ll just make my own. So, for dinner one night this week, we will have boiled shrimp, potatoes and sausage. Boiled shrimp is my favorite thing to eat…seriously! Yet, I’ve never perfected cooking it. I don’t have a special recipe that I use but that’s about to change. This week I will perfect my boiled seafood recipe! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to get mid-week updates.

If you’re overwhelmed with meal planning, please know that you can turn that around today. It’s a simple process that you can start now. Plan, shop, and cook!


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meal plan, meal planning, food plan, menu, family menu

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