Summer Fun Bash – Instagram Live Series

Summer is knocking at our door but it’s already begun around here. Once the kids are out of school, that officially starts summer everywhere. I’ve been staying busy trying to keep the kids busy with activities. It takes resources to keep kids entertained – time, money, effort, etc. We definitely don’t want them getting bored or getting cabin fever. In addition, summer is my favorite season and I speak of this often. I enjoy the fact that I have more time with my kids, the long days, some leisure time, and the warmth of the sun on my skin. Yes, it gets hot. But I love summer. So, that’s why I’m sharing some summer fun over my Instagram account. Will you join me?

Several months back, I embarked on several Instagram live sessions and really enjoyed it. Many of you joined me as I talked about meal planning, our Amazon Echo, and other blog-related topics. This time around I’ll be including some of my family into some of the sessions too. That will help with my accountability and keep things fun. After all, it’s summer! Summer shouldn’t be taken that seriously. Let the kids stay up late, put your windows down, and have fun. Here’s the “Summer Fun Bash” schedule.

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For the month of June, I’m featuring various topics to keep things interesting for my entire audience. We’ll be making cocktails (feel free to create mocktails too), entertaining with a tray, creating fun variations of slime, and we’ll be making a dual purpose ice bucket. I promise there is something in these sessions for everyone. I really want to conduct some workshops locally but for now will be content with using Instagram. If you’re local and are aware of any businesses (boutiques, restaurants, etc.) that can host workshops, be sure to let me know. The “Summer Fun Bash” series will continue through the month of July. It’s a bash because it’s a mini party, in which I hope you’ll join me in person. It’s going to be fun!

Every Thursday at 8:00 CST, I’ll be live on Instagram. Will you be there?


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