You Vote – We Create: Project #2

It’s February and that means that it’s time for another You Vote – We Create project. Last month, we tackled project #1 from this home challenge and it has taken longer than I expected. The reason I choose that space is because I thought it would be quick and easy. However, I have a tendency to make small projects into bigger ones by adding mini projects. It’s a pattern that I’m not proud of, but in the end I end up with a space that I really love. That’s sort of what happened with the master bedroom closet makeover too. Anyways, I’m wrapping up project #1 and will have the reveal up really soon. Now, on to the new project for February.

the holliday collective, home challenge

front door

Spring is coming so I thought it’d be a good idea to get a head start on some exterior projects.

The front door of a house adds personality to it.

Our front door definitely needs some TLC. Obviously, it can be cleaned really good. Maybe we will pressure wash the entire thing or just spot clean it by hand. Also, we’ll need to add some hearty greenery to make this outdoor space more welcoming. We don’t use the front door for entry into our home so I struggle with keeping plants alive on the front porch. Nevertheless, every year, I start over again. This spring will be no different. I’m going to try planters with Cat Palms as the base plant. Palm plants are pretty  hearty and should withstand my black thumb.

Lastly, this front door needs some color. Don’t you agree?! So, for project#2, we’ll be painting the front door!

Painting is like therapy for me, so I’m excited about this project.

This will project will be fairly inexpensive, as long as I stick to the project. So, here’s hoping that I stick closely to the design option and don’t add any other projects onto this one. I’ve searched the internet and have narrowed down the color options to two design choices. That’s where you come into play, my friend. It’s time for you to pick your favorite design option below and vote.

the holliday collective, home challenge
sherwin williams arugula, paint the front door, painting project


the space_red front door

sherwin williams showstopper, paint the front door, painting project

vote now


youtube video graphic

Spring will be here before we know it and my front door needs to be ready. So, I need your help! Voting ends in 48 hours so be sure to vote while you still have time. Thanks for stopping by!


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