What’s for Dinner Week of August 19

Here we are – another week, another menu. I’ve been having fun sharing what we are having for dinner a few times throughout the week. If you’re not aware, my husband works from home and our children participate in public online school, so our entire family is at home A LOT. Most days that means that breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all snacks happen right here in our home. So, there are a ton of meals you don’t see me share here.

However, what I’ve learned (in all my cooking), is that dinner is one of the most important meals of the day (some may say breakfast and that’s fine too) and I try my best to prepare for that meal accordingly. Many of you and your families likely leave home throughout the day for work and school. When you return to home base, what does everyone want to know – “what’s for dinner?” I get it and this is my way of helping. Also, if you’re wondering what process I use every week to get it done – Download my FREE 5 page E-BOOK to learn more. Here’s our general meal plan for the week – enjoy!

Chicken Tacos + Spanish Rice + Bean Dip

There is nothing difficult about tacos. Most people like them and they are super easy to make. Grab a packet of taco mix seasoning or make your own. If you’re looking for an original taco seasoning mix check out this one by Valentina. What’s easy about this week is some of meals can work together. As you’ll go along you’ll see what I mean. Basically, I can make tacos with the barbacoa beef I’m making another day. Because meat is so expensive, I try to be cognizant of how to make multiple meals especially when it involves meat. You do the same!

Baked Potato Bar

Well, I made a three letter description for nothing else than baked potatoes. But what I’m hoping to do is work baked potatoes into our dinner after I’ve cooked another protein like chicken or beef. That will make this simple meal more like a “bar”. I’ve already polled the kids on toppings and they are sticking with the regulars – butter, cheese, and bacon. But, depending on when I cook things we might have barbacoa beef or shredded taco chicken to use for protein. I’ll definitely be adding sour cream, fresh chives, and whatever other fresh veggies I can find to my potato. This meal is super easy and budget-friendly. Just make sure to get the large baking potatoes for this idea so everyone will be full in the end.

Barbacoa beef

I’ve talked about this recipe multiple times before and here it is again on our weekly menu. Long story short, we had a Chiptole, but now we don’t. All I can say is small town problems. Moving on…I’ve learned how to make barbacoa beef at home. It may not be the Chiptole version but it’s good enough for us. My family actually calls it “Chiptole Night” when I make this beef. We make tacos, salads, nachos – anything goes with this crockpot-cooked meat. In addition, I make this Spanish rice and black bean dip. This week may also try baked potatoes with them, since we are having a baked potato bar.  It’s a family favorite that is here to stay!


Lasagna + Garlic Bread + Green Salad

Lasagna is a great meal to have mid-week or make on weekends. It can feed a large family and makes great leftovers too. For the past two or three years, I’ve been using this lasagna recipe. If you have a family recipe, that’s great! Everyone makes their lasagna a little different and that’s okay with me. Test various recipes until you find the that works best for your family. Lasagna is another one of those meals where you can make it healthier for you – try wheat noodles, veggie lasagna, ground turkey, etc. Also, I like to make a salad with this meal. We don’t have salad every night but I’m always looking for meals to add it to. This is a great meal to explore with if you have dietary needs.

If you’re looking a process to help with meal planning here’s what I do every single week. Also, if you’re wondering what we ate in previous weeks you can find that here:

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Have a great week!


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