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New Orleans interior designer and stylist, Whitney Jones, is one to follow. Her business, Whitney J Decor, is the place to get custom pillows and drapery for your home. Check her out!

Today, I’m making a little time to spotlight a local interior designer and stylist, Whitney Jones. I’ve been a fan of her blog, Whitney J, for some time now and wanted to introduce you to her work. Whitney is a resident of New Orleans and provides an array of services locally and online to clients who need extra design help. Her design philosophy makes good sense to me. Whitney thinks you can “infuse your true personality into creating a space you love – that doesn’t break the bank.” Why spend extra money if you don’t have to, right?

In addition to design services, this talented designer makes handmade, stylish pillows, which you’ll find in her Etsy shop.  I love to see talented people work with their hands to create things. It’s something we take for granted but it’s imperative that we support artisans, designers, and craftsman. These people are using their talents to create quality items and products. Whitney is no different! She’s creating quality items that you’ll have for years to come.

When Whitney posted this photo, I knew it was time to get my very own custom pillow. The pattern and colors really spoke to me and I knew it would be a pretty accent pillow to have for my home. Her process is simple, quick, and I’m sharing some details of my pillow with you today. I love it!

Unpackaged pillow cover

etsy shop, whitney j decor, custom pillows

Loving the beaded details on the pillow cover!

etsy shop, whitney j decor, custom pillows

Can’t decide where to put the pillow. On the sofa…

etsy shop, whitney j decor, custom pillows

Or on my antique rocking chair? Hmm…

If you want to get your own handmade, custom pillows or drapery, visit Whitney J’s Etsy shop, her website, or check out her Instagram. She takes custom orders and you won’t be disappointed with her work. One last thing, if you rent, be sure to check out her Apartment Decorating E-Book.  She’s got some great advice on how to infuse your own style in your home, even if you’re a renter.

Which place do you think my pillow looks best? The colors really stand out in the rocking chair, so I’ll leave it there for now. I seriously can’t wait to order more pillows from Whitney. I’m really impressed with the quality of her work, and it’s always a pleasure to support real people with small businesses. I know the hard work that’s involved and I fully support all the effort.

Have a great weekend!


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