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My husband and I work from home, so we tend to stay inside a little more than others. Though there are some great days, like any job, some days can be not so inspiring. A mix of the winter weather and being inside more has me looking for ways to be more cheerful. One thing that I found that has worked is wearing bold and bright colors. Color is hot right now, so it’s very easy to find clothing in an array of colors. Bright hues like burnt orange, kelley green, and yellow can be found everywhere. A bright blazer, printed top, and bold nail color can go a long way in way in adding glam to an outfit.

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You will feel so much better if you try to incorporate more color into your wardrobe.  So, how can you incorporate this idea into you home? Today, I will share how you can incorporate the above idea as well as 4 other tips into your home.


1. Be Bold With Color


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Look for items that infuse color into your space. There are many overcast days ahead but it helps if you are surrounded by brighter things. Throw pillows, a ceramic figurine, or a kitchen accessory in a bright hue can serve to give a room interest. Always start with what you’ve got too. Shop your home and see what you can move around from other rooms. If you enjoy shopping online, visit flash sale sites like One King’s Lane or Joss & Main for affordable home accents. And lastly, if you like to paint like I do, just paint it!


2. Rearrange The Layout of a Room



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You would be surprised what clothes and accessories you already own that will make an outfit look totally different. Same thing with your home. Change it up! Don’t be afraid to play around with the layout of a room, especially the ones you spend the most time in. If you’re a vintage chair hoarder like me, then move those suckers around to different rooms. You can’t possibly sit in them all the time anyway…might as well enjoy them. Not sure where to start? Try these simple rules for living room arrangement ideas.  You might end up with an arrangement that you love.


3. Let The Light In



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When the sun does shine, soak it up. Slide those curtains back, and let some much needed light into your home. The sun will improve your mood (think-bright and happy), help you sleep better, and improve your production of Vitamin D. Natural light will brighten you and your home alike.


4. Organize Something


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I’m not one to talk, because currently NOTHING is organized in this house of mine. However, I am excited about organizing some things today.  I said “I am excited”…that’s the key. Being organized is so rewarding. You and your family are not only productive but much more happier if things are in order. Sometimes it’s not all in the things that people can see…like that new throw pillow you got. Being put together and organized can be just as important. For lots of easy organizing ideas visit Jen at IHeart Organzing.


5. Bring The Green In


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At this point in the year, most of my outside plants are hanging on by a thread.  I don’t have a particularly green thumb…it’s actually pretty brown. So, I’ve been looking for the perfect house plants to compliment our home. Not only are they good for your body, colorful plants add pizzaz to a room. Go get a plant now!

Don’t go around feeling blue and un-inspired this winter. Step out of your comfort zone and be bold. It will make you and your home much inspiring. The next time you blink, spring will be knocking on your door.

What have you been doing to combat the winter blues?  Have any of the above tips worked for you?  We love your comments.  

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