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A room can always use some natural elements to bring texture to it. That is why I love working with burlap. I love trends that are timeless and go with any style you have in your home. This project was one of those. It will always work in your space, because it’s using a natural element.

If you’re looking for a quick project with great results, then look no further. You will need very few supplies, all of which you may already have on hand. My local Lowe’s was my store of choice since I needed to find some rope. There were several rope options to choose from, but I personally liked the size of the manilla option. For me, thicker rope means quicker results. So a bag of thick manilla rope was my final choice.

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As for how to pull this look of, you will want to work from the bottom up to the top of the vase. So, turn it upside down and start with one end of your rope. Place enough glue on the rope for it to stick, however, not so much that it’s oozing out from the sides.  As you glue, wind the rope around the vase in a circular motion.  Take your time and be generous with the hot glue.  As you move up, you won’t need as much glue.  As I moved further up the vase, I slowly used less and less glue.  However, when you are ready to seal the rope off, you will want to make sure the end is sealed really well.  For the size rope and vase that I used, this project took around 15 minutes to complete.

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I’m very pleased with the results.  It was an $8 update, that will be around my house for a while.  Currently, it’s in the foyer, but I’m positive it will visit other rooms as time passes.

Have you done any short projects with great results?  We enjoy reading your comments!

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