Back Foyer Updates: Painted Dresser

Though I can’t move as fast as I’d like, because of this reason. When I do get a chance, I work on small projects around the house. We always use our back door to enter our home and I’ve tried to incorporate pieces that make it functional for the way we live. One of the pieces that has worked well for the space is a large dresser that was actually given to us.  It’s an extremely heavy, nice piece of wooden furniture. However, it was a little too “mathcy-matchy” for my taste (yes, my taste is transforming) and blended too much with the space. Just look at how drab it looked, especially next to the brown chair and all the subtle decor.  So you know what that means…break out the paint!  The dresser has now become the latest victim of my addiction. Take a look at the before picture below.



After 2 good coats of paint, here is what the dresser looks now. It definitely brightens the entire area, and makes for a more welcoming space. For an added punch, the dresser was painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, in my current favorite color, duck egg blue.  I’ve used this color on several pieces in my living area, including this antique stool, this beautiful antique piece, and even this interactive coffee table. (Seriously, I’m pretty sure all the colors are my favorite.)


To complete the project, I need to paint the hardware or apply the old hardware as is, apply a coat of wax to protect the paint, and accessorize the top of the dresser in a functional way.  And NO, my floors are not always that clean and shiny-looking, so please enjoy my photo-editing skills. I am!

In true fashion, rather than waiting to finish the dresser, I’ve already started on another project for the space. If you follow me on Instagram, then you would know that the wall in the picture above is transforming into this idea. In addition to these changes, I’d like to add a rug, and doing something exciting to the chair and lamp. Stay tuned for more updates to the dresser and to the entire space.

What do you think? Do you like how the space is turning out? Please leave your comments.

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