Before and After: Vintage Tea Cart

before and after: vintage tea cart,tea cart, painted tea cart, diy blog, the hollidays at home
A quick before and after for you, because we all love them.  I found this wooden tea cart on Craigslist within 5-10 minutes after it was listed. I was big and pregnant but loaded up the family and I was able to scour this baby for $20. It sat on my porch for months before it got any special attention. I wasn’t even sure what color I was going to paint it. With the recent happenings of this new venture I got a chance to showcase this lovely piece off. Mandy is the one that picked the bold teal color and I’m so happy with the way it turned out. I love the idea of doing accent pieces in fun, bright colors, but have a hard time implementing that idea. You can see this lovely piece being used as a candy bar station. How lovely! I just love it when old, beautiful items can be used as functional pieces and not just for display.
before and after: vintage tea cart, tea cart, vintage tea cart, painted tea cart, before and after, diy blog, the hollidays at home,

I’ve told you before how some pieces are feminine and some are masculine. Originally, I thought it was feminine but then after studying it more I realized it was masculine.  Don’t you see it?  The straight lines, the coloring, and sharp edges. Ok, maybe you don’t see it but just pretend like you do.  🙂 And with that information this lovey cart has a name. Find out more about what venture this tea cart is involved in.

tea cart, painted tea cart, diy blog, the hollidays at home

I’m feeling very inspired so come back soon for more before and after posts. To see past before and after posts check here. Do you like the way the tea cart turned out?  Leave your comments.



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