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dark celing
For whatever reason, I decided to tackle several DIY projects while organizing the master bedroom closet. We decided no to paint the shelving or walls, in the closet, because it would be too time-consuming. So, I was looking for a way to add some extra drama to the room. It was no surprise to myself or my husband that I decided to paint the ceiling a non-traditional color.  It’s expected that the ceiling be white, so I thought it would be interesting for it to be just the opposite. Since I didn’t need much paint, I searched the house for leftover paint. I found the upstairs bathroom nook color.  It’s a dark, smoky, gray – Sherwin Williams Iron Ore. But it’s not black. Perfect!

sherwin williams iron ore

I used painters tape for the molding and then painted the entire ceiling in 2 coats of SW Iron Ore. It took about an hour to complete the project. The corners were a little cramped so it wasn’t the funnest project. But I’m so glad I did it! Here is what the ceiling looked like before we painted it. It was pretty boring but most ceilings are.

Closet Pics 2

Here is the ceiling after it was painted. This project was worth the time. It adds interest to the closet and would be easy to re-paint. I must say though, that now, I’m a fan of non-white ceilings. Paint the ceiling ANY COLOR other than white!
FullSizeRender (2)Bring on the dark painted ceilings! I’m in love. It pairs well with the entire look of the master bedroom closet makeover. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the new light fixture in the space.
FullSizeRender (1)
FullSizeRender (3)

What do you think about this dark painted ceiling? Are you a fan or do you think ceilings should ONLY be white? Tell me in the comments below.



  1. Love the ceiling color! When we painted our small bathroom we painted the ceiling the same color. Makes it blend in. We just painted a bedroom with turquoise and I used a white on white Bear paint and I love it! The blah ceiling paint I hate! Now we’re on to the living room!

  2. My bedroom ceiling was painted a dark grey a few years ago by a friend who was big into design and decorating. It looks fabulous

  3. None of my ceilings are white. They all have a color that compliments the walls. Since doing it, my son and daughter are both fans of non-white ceilings as well. My dining room is SW Colonial Revival Gray walls with SW Ice Cube ceiling. It is light and airy and allows the picture rail to peek out instead of blend in. While its true that some dark colors can bring the ceiling down, you dont have to use dark colors for the ceiling. I love it, will never go back to white ceilings.

  4. Depends on how you see yourself. I am building a house and the ceiling of the bedroom as well as the wall behind the bed will both be dark purple. The wall behind the bed will have a 5’x8′ cream macramé hanging on it. The ceiling will have the winter constellations painted on it using glow-in-the-dark paint. The ceiling height goes from 20ft down to 10ft, so a dark ceiling shouldn’t be an issue, especially since one 18 foot wall is almost solid glass. Lots of light into the room.

  5. GREAT LOOK!!! As an interior decorator, I always recommend painting the ceilings, especially if they are “popcorn”. Painting popcorn ceilings can even out the look of the popcorn, so the popcorn effect visually disappears. The ceiling is your 5th “wall”…don’t leave it a bland blank white (unless maybe you are doing an all-white decor?)…paint that ceiling!!! If it’s 8′ or higher, you can use a deep contrasting color for drama (especially with light colored molding). Or to visually “raise” the ceiling, use a lighter color from the same paint swatch where you chose your wall color.

    • Jennifer, thanks so much for your response! I love your idea on using a similar color (same swatch, lighter color) for the ceilings too. That’s a great idea. I’m so happy that you love my project and wish more people would experiment with color. Come back to the blog soon… Crystal.

  6. My ceilings are desperately in need of being painted, but my walls are burgundy and with an 8ft ceiling, I’m sure it would lower the height of the room. I’m in favour of colour on any surface (the sky’s the limit!) but with small rooms & dark walls, I think it would bring down the size of the rooms rather than expand it.
    It all depends on natural light, height of the ceilings, and size of the rooms.
    I do like what you’ve done, and it’s definitely highlighted the moldings!

    • Susan, thanks for your comment. I actually agree with you that there are some dynamics to consider when painting your ceiling. If your walls are already dark then I actually wouldn’t suggest doing a dark ceiling either. My best…Crystal.

  7. I love it. In my house there are few white ceilings. The ceilings complement the walls with either a darker or lighter color.

  8. I have painted ceilings before and they can look very nice. You need to be careful with eight foot ceilings; a color can visually lower them and make the room claustrophobic. A lesson learned the hard way! Thanks for sharing yo. 🙂

  9. I think it depends on the height of your ceiling and how much natural light the room has, but, on the whole, I think people are generally too afraid of color.

    Here, the dark ceiling emphasizes the mouldings. I like it.

  10. Like the idea of a painted ceiling, great appeal. Didn’t notice the light fixture change, you mentioned. Oh, I just spotted it, nice look.
    My ceilings all have spattered texture to them, but all white, color might not look good with texture. What do you think?

    • Jen, I have 8’ textured ceilings in my 1940 home and with the exception of kitchen, they are all painted complimentary colors to each room…some light, some dark…very cozy…visitors always compliment

    • Hi Jen, I love texture on walls and ceilings! I think it’s a matter of preference in your case. If you paint the textured ceilings it will likely bring attention to the ceilings. It would also depend on the color on the walls, about of atural light, etc. If you can’t remove the texture this may be a good option for you. Any colors your have in mind? Would love to help more!

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