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Today, I’ve got some exciting news from The Holliday Collective blog. Read the entire post so you don’t miss it!

It’s possible that you may be wondering what I’ve been up to, and maybe why I haven’t been sharing as many posts as I was. Well, of course, life does keep us ALL busy and that’s a fact. My oldest just started school so I spent most of the summer soaking up as much time with her before that began. In addition to family life, I spend time weekly making sure that Olde Swag is where it needs to be. If you didn’t notice, you can now shop the Olde Swag Etsy shop right from my website. Just click “SHOP” at the top of the page. You could care less about all the things I do on a weekly basis so I’ll spare you all the details. Just know that I’ve been BUSY. In spite of being busy, I wanted to take a little time to share something else with you.

For some time now, as a writer, I’ve become frustrated with writing in a text editor and pressing publish. There are other aspects I enjoy about blogging like making graphics, photography, styling images, etc. So at times, it’s hard for me to just write.

I definitely lean towards being a creative who needs to explore and push the limits.

What I’m about to share with you does just that…pushes the boundaries of blogging! So, what’s the news?! I’ve decided to create a digital interior living magazine. This means that instead of always writing blog posts where you scroll down the page, look at centered images, and leave comments; now you’ll have a chance to interact with a digital magazine with the same great content. The Holliday Collective magazine will be viewable from your device and you’ll be able to access it at any time. The content and images in the magazine won’t be on the blog, so you’ll need to make sure that you subscribe to receive access. There is a special email list to receive the notification that it’s live. You can subscribe by using the form below or by clicking here. Here’s a sample of what the cover will look like.

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When will the first issue be ready?

The first issue is set to be released September 1.

So what kinds of things will you share in the magazine?

An interior living magazine may mean that sometimes we share recipes, living room inspiration, and outdoor dining spaces. We may spend an entire issue on one subject like barn doors, mudrooms, or apartment living. In January, we will probably share organization help. 🙂 Whatever content is shared in the magazine, I promise, it will be good.

What does this mean for your blog? Will you still post to your blog like you normally do?

Of course, I will still share content in the same fashion that I always have. The magazine is just an extension of the brand and blog.

I like to write. I like take photos of pretty food. I like to cook. I like to decorate. Can I contribute?

Yes! I’m definitely looking for contributors. Interior designers, developers who want to showcase homes, bloggers, moms who love to organize, Dads who like to cook – we need you for awesome contributions! So if you’re interested in contributing or want to know more about what we are looking for, send us an email.

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 I sincerely hope you’ll join me…
– Crystal

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