A Letter to My Daughter & Her Teacher – Kindergarten

keds, a letter to my daughter & her teacher - kindergarten

marley first day of kindergarten

To Letter to My Daughter on Your First Day of Kindergarten 

Marley, look at you, you’ve grown so much in the past 5 years! You’ve made it to this point so fast. You started kindergarten today! I’ve heard it said so many times, and I sort of started to despise the words “They grow up so fast.” But as I write these words, my heart is heavy. Because those words are so true. You really have made it to this milestone so quickly. You’ve sprouted into this smart kid that thinks she knows everything. You’re the shy kid who makes all the noise at home. You’re the kind, big sister, that assists your little brother in times of need.

We love you so much Marley.



Today, August 15, 2016, you started kindergarten. For days, your Dad and I haven’t been able to sleep well. We tossed and turned at night, for many nights. We’ve been stressed about what sort of secular education to give you. We’ve mulled over every opportunity and arrived at what we think is the best for you. Next year, next month, or tomorrow, that might change. We will adjust. But today this is the best thing for you and for our family. We have made this decision out of love and want you to succeed.

We love you so much Marley.


Everyone says “She’ll do well.” They are probably right. You will do well. Your confidence will overcome any deficiencies you may feel. After some time, your knowledge will shine past your shyness. As you grow, you will change, but that is okay. Just stick close to us and we will guide you. As for learning at school,  learn what you can and leave the rest behind! We will be here day after day, tear after tear, smile after smile, cheering you on. We are your cheerleaders. Cheerleaders for life.

We love you so much Marley.

marley 3

To My Daughter’s Teacher

Oh, how I admire you! You’ve been entrusted with my child’s education and preparing her for the next grade. My, you have a big job!  As her parents, we will do our best to send her to you with everything she needs. If you need something from us as parents, just ask. We are a phone call or a note away. As you can see, we care and we want to help you in any way that you need.

Please know that my daughter, my first-born, is your daughter, your niece, and your granddaughter. When you talk to, interact with, and educate her, remember that Marley is family. That is all I ask. I know that you’ve got a lot of kids and that your hands are really full. I can’t even imagine how you handle that many kids on a daily basis! Maybe I will take time to substitute teach one day so I can know what it feels like.

The truth is you are a good teacher and that’s why you have my daughter in your care. I trust you and can’t wait to learn all about you. You’re a warrior and are to be commended! For all the kids you look after, all the noses you wipe, and all the hugs you give away. You are to be commended! For all the patience you display, all the love you show, and the trust that’s bestowed with you. You are to be commended.

We love you teacher.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered…The Holliday’s

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