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Ginger & Bee is a bathhouse boutique that specializes in handcrafted soap, bath, beauty products, and gifts. The company is owned by a mother/daughter duo and they are located in Houma, Louisiana. They have the most precious store in town! As a previous vintage rental stylist, I pay attention to all the details and notice when others have good interior style. Brie (daughter) is always changing things up to keep the displays fresh and inviting for customers.

Even my daughter said “If I ever have a store it will look like Ginger & Bee.”

One of my favorite parts of the store was the Southern Collection.With soaps named “Creole Queen”, “Mississippi Mud”, and “Pelican Bay”, I knew that it would be hard to decide on just one or even two soaps. They all sounded sound so good! The smell? Wow! Ginger & Bee products are packing a ton of natural scents but didn’t aggravate my allergies. Actually, the entire time I was in the store I never sneezed. Why does that matter? Because I cannot step foot into some other popular bath and body stores. The smell is too strong for me and my family! That’s exactly how I knew that I’d be a regular customer of Ginger & Bee. Maybe you’ll become one too.

If you’re officially interested in trying some of Ginger & Bee’s products, then you have a special opportunity to do that this week. Along with Ginger & Bee, I’m happy to present a “Southern Lagniappe” giveaway! This giveaway features some of the most popular soaps and bath-bombs from Ginger & Bee along with other Louisiana-based products like gumbo base, beignet mix, and chicory. This is an awesome southern product mashup that you’ll want to make sure you enter to win!

One person will win the following:

(1) Soap Saver, (1) Natural Loofah, (1) Boucle, (3) Ginger and Bee Artisan Soaps, (2) Ginger and Bee Premium Bath Bombs, (2) Camp Mugs, (1) Lavender Bundle, (1) Southern Peach Rose Lip Balm, (1) Beignet Mix, (1) Cajun Gumbo Base Packet, (1) Tabasco® Sauce, (1) Zapp’s® Potato Chip, (1) Cafe du Monde Coffee & Chicory, (1) 1 cup of fresh Pecans, and (1) Bottle of Gumbo Filé.

You’ll have enough soap for all your bathrooms and enough lagniappe (extra) to submerge yourself in all things Louisiana.

To enter, follow the steps in this Instagram post. If you’d like an extra entry, leave a comment on this blog post with your IG handle. That’s it! Please read disclaimer above for more important giveaway information.

Hope that you win! 




  1. normally, i would be over the moon about all the bath products, but i just recently started cooking everything under the sun and am more excited about all the food goodies! i hope i’m picked!

  2. Our house would love to win! We all seem to can’t get enough. My daughter said yesterday Ginger and Bee is her favorite out of every store, even Target!! Btw thanks for Allergy relief, our absolute fave!!

  3. This is a very nice giveaway! My God it’s pure indulgence. I’ve not heard of this line but judging by the store alone. I could see myself an avid customer. Thanks for the introduction to the line

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