I See You Mom

I see you Mom.

Awake at 2:30, 4:30, and 6:30 for a late-night feeding. The baby decided to start cluster feeding tonight. Last night you slept for approximately 4 hours of broken sleep. Pfft! That ain’t sleep! Regardless, you must wake and be “normal.” You put your makeup on and smile. This time will pass and you’ll get more rest soon.

You’re doing your best even when no one sees you, Mom.

I see you Mom.

In the super-center, with the kid, having a tantrum. Everyone who stares in disbelief doesn’t know all the details as to why your child is so upset. Let them look and stare. They’ve probably been there before. They have forgotten what’s it like to shop with a toddler and have no other choice.

Someone’s gotta do it and it’s you Mom. Gain your composure. You were made for this!

I see you Mom.

Running late for school drop-off. Only you know that your child was struggling to get up this morning, that there was no coffee to make, and you’re on edge this morning. Not the perfect mix. But that’s life, right? Schedules rule our lives and this day is just plain ole’ rough.

This day will pass and you’ll be on time tomorrow. You’ve got it Mom!

I see you Mom.

Exhausted from a sick child that you took care of all night. Vicks, cough syrup, humidifiers, and a ton of worry have swamped you.

You can’t be stopped though.

You get up constantly to make sure your little one is still breathing and well. You jump up at a moment’s notice just to “double-check”. No one understands why you’re being so paranoid. But, I know, Mom. You can never be to sure. This is what being a mom is all about.

I see you Mom.

Worried sick because your daughter has NOT responded to your text. You told her to keep her phone on her at ALL TIMES. Why is she not responding?! Is he hurt?! Is she being mischievous?! What’s going on?! This time will pass and your daughter will soon learn about the worry of a parent. She will be off raising her own kids, and then she’ll know exactly what you felt.

Hang in there teenager-Mom! I see you.

I see you Mom.

Watching your sweet daughter come down the aisle. The day has finally come and you’re giving her away. In your eyes, I see the worry. Is he the one? Is she ready? Will they make it? You’re so scared mom. Just like the first day of school, this period will get easier as time passes.

Your baby will always be just that — your baby. There is nothing wrong with that. I see you mom. 

I see you Mom.

You’ve become a Mom because of who you love. You’re a stepmom. Though many may not know it, you’re a really cool person. You comfort, love, and care for kids like they were your own. By your actions, you show that being a stepmom is only a title. You put in the work and it will pay off. You’re a stepmom, but only in title.

Hold your head up and be proud! I see you.

I see you Mom.

Working tirelessly because you have to do it all by yourself. You’re a single-mom. You worry about how you will ever provide for all your children’s needs — physical, emotional, and even spiritual. You wonder how in the world you will ever win this battle.

Your strength is strong and you are mighty! You can do it single mom. Persevere for your children’s needs. I see you. 

I see you Mom.

Quiet because of your loss. You’ve experienced loss in ways that no one can truly understand. Your pain is deep but you handle it so well. Behind the makeup and smiles, is deep pain. You cry alone to yourself to relieve the hurt. You have lost but you’re still someone’s Mom. My, you are so strong!

I admire your strength. Even though you may not know it, I see you Mom. 

I see you Mom.

You have “mothered” but have no kids of your own. You’re someone’s grandmother, aunt, foster mom, adopted mom, and you love with just as much vigor as the rest of us. You may or may not have your own biological children, but that doesn’t matter. You’re a woman who has the ability to give time, energy and unconditional love.

You give it all though you may never receive it back.

You epitomize what all moms should be like. I see you Mom.

It’s worth it all Mom.

In all the exhaustion, worry, running, wondering, running, loss of sleep, tireless work, emotional overload, tantrums, decisions, arguments, discipline, uneasiness, and everything. There you will find joy, excitement, pride, strength, happiness, and a love like you’ve never known before. An unconditional love.

Parenting is not easy and this we all know. Each stage comes with it’s own challenges and triumphs. You’re doing you’re best and that’s all you’ve got to give. No one may tell you. It make take decades for your children to recognize it. But, one things for sure.

Your unconditional love is worth it all. It’s worth it all Mom. 

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