Meal Plan – Week 1

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#thehollidaysmealplan2017 week 1
It’s my first meal plan of 2017! Right as this project started I knew that my meal planning would de-rail. Honestly, I thought it would have been back on track by now. However, the renovation, family and personal obligations, and then this project took over. This happens guys, but all that matters is that you start again. Today, I’m taking back over my meal planning and I hope you will continue to join me every Monday to see what’s cooking at the Holliday’s.

As I said before, I don’t expect that what my family eats will fit right into your lifestyle. However, if I can just help one person feel motivated to tackle this task, then I’ve accomplished everything. Let’s be honest. It would be much easier for me to not take the time to write out my family’s meal and then share with you. But, sometimes in life’s craziness or madness, dinner is last on the list.

I enjoy cooking but I’ve been there before – at the grocery store at 5:15, with the kids, trying to throw a meal or two together (in my head), remember every ingredient for said meals, get home after 6:00, cook, wrangle with kid’s homework, yell at the dog to stop barking, finally sit down at 7:00 or later, frustrated, with dinner ready. I’ve been there. I want to help that person.

If you’ve been there too, then please consider meal planning. That is why I share these posts, to help. I shared some tips that helped me in this post. If you enjoy me sharing my meal plans and would like more tips, then be sure to let me know. I’ll be happy to do some supplemental posts regarding this.

For this week, we’ll be cooking 2 Minute Perfect Steaks along with roasted veggies. This is the video that sparked our interest in trying to cook steaks on the stove. We always cook them on the grill, but that’s a lot of work. Plus, it’s winter. We just don’t grill as much in the winter. Gordon Ramsey’s steak recipe works perfectly for us. I highly recommend it if you like having a good steak, but want to eat it in the comfort of your home. Way cheaper too!

cook steak. how to cook steak

vegetables, roasted vegetables

In addition, I’ll be trying 30 Garlic Clove Chicken. Basically, it’s lots of garlic and chicken.

In my opinion, garlic almost always makes every recipe come to life.

I’ll probably throw in some potatoes and carrots to roast with it. I’ll be pairing the chicken with the best green beans.

the best green beans, green beans, food, side dish, green beans recipe

I’m trying to use as many vegetables as possible to get the family to eat them. Nothing wrong with trying. Everything else on the meal plan is pretty standard and budget-friendly.

If you need inspiration past this post, be sure to follow my Food and Drink Pinterest board. I pin recipes weekly there. Don’t forget – with a little planning and a lot of love meal planning can be a success!


Happy meal planning!


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