Mom Style Chronicles – No.2

Last week, I introduced a new series on the blog and it’s all about fashion and style.  It’s called Mom Style Chronicles and features some of my favorite clothing looks, styling and beauty tricks. Before you get a little ahead of yourself, thinking “why in the world is she talking about fashion?”  Let me explain further.

If your read last week’s Mom Style Chronicles post, you’d know that this series is about accountability for me and you. As a Mom, many times we’ve put ourselves on the back-burner for the betterment of others. We feel so good about taking care of others. It’s just in our nature. Have we forgotten about ourselves along the way? You’ll have to honestly answer that question.

Here’s something that I know that I can work on. Guilt. At some point, since I’ve become a Mom, I realized that I needed to take time out for myself. Not days, by any means, but just time. Maybe 15 minutes in a day or a few hours for beautification purposes. Why in the world did that feel so selfish? Time for myself?! What will everyone do without me?! What will people think of me? Will things fall apart without me?

No, you are not being selfish in your thoughts. Yes, you do need to do things for yourself. Everyone will figure out how to function without you. It’s important that you are the best woman possible so  that you can take care of those around you. You must stop the guilt now! Here’s my round-up of clothing ideas for this week. If you’re interested in any of the pieces or similar items, just click “SHOP THIS LOOK”.

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caslon cardigan, urban outfitter boots



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mom style 2


My challenge to you is to look at your calendar, pick a date, and schedule one activity for yourself. Make it a recurring appointment with yourself. During that time, focus on not feeling guilty.

Remember to be the best woman for those around you, you must take care of yourself.


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