Meal Plan Week 8

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Happy Monday! There is no better way to start my week than by having my family’s meal plan figured out. You have no idea how sharing it with you helps with my accountability. I surely hope that you are getting some inspiration in the kitchen.

#thehollidaysmealplan2017 week 8Last Thursday, I started an Instagram Live series revolving around content that I cover here. These live sessions are not saved so you have to watch live to catch the content. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to join in on the fun. Meal planning tips and tricks, decor ideas, design dilemmas, and more will all be featured every Thursday night. There were about 12 people, who joined at some post last Thursday, as I talked on the topic, 3 Best Tips for Meal Planning Success. If you were live and requested it, I emailed participants my 3 page E-book, 3 Best Tips for Meal Planning Success. That e-book will soon be live for everyone to download.

This week’s meal plan features some tried and true recipes. One of those recipes is pan-seared steaks. We incorporate thyme, fresh garlic, butter and olive oil to cook the perfect steak.

cook steak. how to cook steak

We learned a lot about cooking steaks on the stove from Gordon Ramsay. Here is the quick video, we watched, to learn some techniques for cooking a steak…no grill needed.

When you eat steaks, a starchy food like potatoes always pairs nicely with it. To keeps things healthy, I like to cook roasted veggies and potatoes to go with the steaks. I use what vegetables I have on hand for the week, which is normally the following – potatoes (red or white), broccoli (if I have some), carrots, chopped garlic, a few mushrooms, and fresh thyme leaves. I slice them all into bite-sized pieces, toss well in olive oil, and salt and pepper. Place the vegetables on a baking sheet and spread them out. I bake them in the oven on 375-400 degrees for approximately 20-30 minutes. Halfway through cooking, I toss the vegetables to make sure they don’t stick to the baking sheet. You want the potatoes to be cooked, even crispy. You still get the taste of starch but also have some veggies mixed in too. vegetables, roasted vegetables

The only different dinner idea that we are doing this week is breakfast at night. I think the kids will love eating omelets, bacon, and cinnamon toast, at night. Maybe, I’ll have everyone put their pajamas on first. That way it will feel like it’s morning time after all. I’m not good at cooking omelets but will try really hard not to just scramble them. Here’s Jamie Oliver making the perfect omelet. Breakfast is a quick meal so I’m looking forward to this quick idea for dinner one night.

So, what do you have planned to cook for dinner? Hopefully, some of my ideas have sparked some ideas for you. 


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