One Room Challenge: Week 4

Well, week four of the One Room Challenge is here and I must be honest. I didn’t get much done. I feel so frustrated to admit it but it’s the truth. Some other priorities took precedence and the project was stagnant for the past week. That does happen in projects…life happens. This past week was definitely not good for my overall timeline especially when you mix that in with being sick the previous week. Enough with what didn’t happen. Here is what happened…

Riverton Solid Room Darkening Rod Pocket Single Curtain Panel

Drapes were ordered! You’ll be happy to know that I ordered my first real drapes! We’ve bought blinds, roman shades, and I’ve used a lot of drop cloths to “get the look”. But this week, I officially ordered nice long drapes. I’m so excited! In my master bedroom, there are a few things I don’t mind skimping on for now. However, with the look I’m going for, drop-cloths wouldn’t work. I knew exactly what I wanted (velvet curtains) so I moved forward with it this week. The velvet drapes for my master bedroom space are from Wayfair. They have been going in and out of stock for a few weeks. Finally, they were back in stock and I was able to snag them. They should be here on Monday. They won’t be up until all construction, painting, etc. is done. Probably the night before my photo session. And yes, they are forestry green!

After reading last week’s One Room Challenge post, I decided I would not photograph my own space for the challenge. This will be the first time I can do what I love (though I do love photography) and not have to worry about photography. Can I do my own photography? Definitely! I know exactly what shots I need, but it is work. And I will be working up to the very last minute with all the finishing details. For this design challenge, I’d much rather a talented photographer use their skills and then I can focus on the space and writing. It’s honestly once less thing I have to worry about. If I can get the paint off my toes in time, I might be able to get in some shots too! I’m excited to announce, I’ll be working with Frye Imaging. I can tell by Kylie’s enthusiasm and her work that she is the right person for the job. Now, let’s hope I have a winning space for her to photograph. Send help, quick!

Moving forward, I literally have to do ALL THE THINGS. Nothing can remain untouched and there is no time to spare. In 10 days, my space has to be ready to be photographed. So here come the long nights, lots of coffee, and a lot of decision making. Like what am I going to do about not finding a thrifted dresser, or what bedding to go with. No, I don’t have bedding! Yikes! I can promise you one thing, things are about to get interesting. Stay tuned for the ride!

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