The Holliday’s at Home: Weekender Series

Every time that you write a blog post it may not be one item or one project that you want to talk about. Maybe you want to talk about 5 random things and that is fine. I’m starting this series in hopes that I won’t leave you hanging until I get around to perfecting other posts and projects.  So bear with me as I share 5 random things with you. I may think or talk about any of these things on a daily or weekly basis.

  1. Seriously in love with these earrings!  What I really like about Kendra Scott is her line is super-stylish, but most jewelry pieces are reasonably priced. Did you know that you could buy from the Kendra Scott line locally? La Chique Maison carries really great brands and they are really great people so check them out.  kendrascottelleearrings
  2. Someone asked me if I have wholesale pricing for my burlap prints. Well, the answer is no but it is definitely something to consider.  I always thought about getting products wholesale for my online shop. If you have a good product, seems like wholesale could be a good route. Instead of selling only to consumers, you sell to businesses/boutiques. Hmm..not a bad business model for I Love Burlap. It was a weekend brand that B and I developed as more of an experiment.  More on that later…burlap prints, burlap, burlap items
  3. Daily deal sites have been a growing trend and sometimes you can actually get something of quality at a great price. One of my favorites is Jane. I’ve bought personalized items for my daughter, her friends, and several cute jewelry items from vendors on here. Some items sell out quickly but that’s part of the fun! Get Great Deals on Apparel and More at Jane.janebracelet
  4. What do you think of this trim trend for your home?  I must say I really like the idea but the color makes it a little too modern for my taste. My style is constantly being refined so maybe I’ll embrace the trend but go with another color.  ©AlyssaRosenheck2014-4
  5. In addition to working on the kitchen, I promised my daughter that she could start sleeping upstairs when she was 4. She will be 4 in December so it’s definitely time to get her room ready.  What to do with the carpet in the room has to be addressed amongst other things. Rip up the carpet and paint the subfloor, get the carpet professionally cleaned by Ted and buy a nice rug, or tackle some other DIY project for flooring. The room has to be done on a serious budget since the kitchen updates are underway. But I’ve seriously got to make this happen for her…I’m tired of saying that I’ll get to it.  I must now do it!

That’s a portion of what’s on my mind this weekend.  What’s on yours?


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