Kitchen Update: LG Dishwasher

When we bought our house, we really fell in love with the kitchen. It’s a very custom-built kitchen and so it had good bones. Pretty much everything needed attention though, including replacing appliances, countertops, floors, etc.  But with patience, we knew the kitchen could be made new again. As you know, kitchen remodels can be expensive. So, we’ve tried to get by the past 3 years, just living with things as they were.  We kept putting it off season after season.  But now the time has come for us to make sense of it all.  See what our daughter said that prompted us to get started with the kitchen remodel again. 

In addition to luxury-vinyl floor issues, our Sub-Zero All-fridge and All-freezer stop working properly. Both of them! They were old and worked well past their years.  I’m sure any new appliances we buy won’t outlast those appliances!  So, about 2 months ago, we bit the bullet and decided to move forwarding with purchasing a fridge and freezer.  If there were any great deals, then we would get a dishwasher too. Our KitchenAid dishwasher never worked so we’ve been washing dishes by hand. You heard me right! For 3 years, Brandon or I have washed dishes BY HAND.  I’m sorry but that’s just not fun to me!kithenbefore

We decided on making a purchase using Sears since they carried the all-fridge and all-freezer (pics coming soon) that we were looking for.  We waited until the weekend of their Friends and Family sale, which saved us an extra 15% off the entire purchase.  When you’re spending thousands of dollars, every little bit helps.  We checked for any deals on dishwashers, since I seriously believe you should never pay full price for some things. A dishwasher is one of those items. I only had 2 stipulations – stainless steel and top-controls.

We found a Stainless Steel LG Inverter Direct Drive dishwasher, which we couldn’t pass up.  It normally retails for $849, but we paid $442.80 after tax!  The unit was a floor model that was being discontinued, so it was significantly reduced.  With the extra 15% off we saved an additional $72.00. To save even more, we opted out of delivery and installation. We loaded it up in the Venza and got it home ourselves. lg dishwasher, dishwasher,

We had no idea how to install a dishwasher, but figured it couldn’t be that hard. That is seriously it’s own post that I would love to write about soon.  “B” did a great job installing the dishwasher and I was there to help.  I’ll never forget the pretty little chime that it made when we turned the power on. It also chimes when the load is done…love that! Not only does it clean my dishes, it sings to me…my kind of machine!

Stainless steel material and the sleek design looks lovely!


Top-panel controls hide all the fancy buttons and make this appliance prettier. It also conveys a high-end feel. 

All the pretty little icons that I have yet to use…guess I better read that manual!


lgtopcontroldishwasherinstalled dishwasher, dishwasher install, lg dishwasher, dishwasher, diy dishwasher


We are really enjoying our new LG dishwasher.  It’s really been a priceless kitchen update!  Why didn’t we do this sooner?!  Stop by next week to see the new refrigerator and freezer! Have you updated anything in your home lately? Please do share.  




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