Upstairs Jack and Jill Bathroom

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Check out our outdated “Jack and Jill” Bathroom! It’s about to transform but it’s only fitting that we look at it’s current state. Don’t miss the inspiration board at the end of the post.

Today is an important day for me. I’m sharing some very raw (real) footage of our upstairs “Jack and Jill” bathroom. We are officially embarking on a 2 week re-model, starting Monday. The remodel will transform this outdated space into a working, well-loved space, for our children and guests. If things turn out as well as I’m thinking, we may just ditch our bathroom to use this one. (Ok, maybe not.) This project is one step closer to making this house our home. It only took us 5 years to start on this project. (Check out our living room after 5 years.) A broken, leaking toilet activated the project. The leaking toilet is actually what prompted us to explore updating the space more. Why put down a new toilet over old, distressed floors? That same leaking toilet turned into – “Let’s rip the vanities out and do a planked wall!”

old bathroom toilet nook

We have been fortunate to find super-talented help, which will help this project move faster. That’s right, we’ll be hiring out most of the work for this project. That will allow us to have a functioning bathroom in no time. It will be an efficient project, because we can continue to work (aka “make money”) while having the work done. We are making our money work for us. It’s perfect! Hopefully…

old bathroom vanity

The old vanities will be apart of the demo, as they are just too chunky. Pretty much every drawer is empty, and even with rehab they just wouldn’t match the overall look I’m trying to achieve in here. We will have custom built vanities with shelves on them. I’ll add baskets to the shelves for storage. Also, the countertops are currently cultured marble, which was a trendy finish in the 70’s and 80’s. Since we are in 2016, it’s time to move on past cultured marble. The countertop selection is still not finalized. I’m leaning towards butcher block or wood. However, I need to double-check prices for other finishes. I also need to finalize my vanity design. There are a ton of options but I want to keep it minimal, yet still classic. Easy, right? Ha!

The wall that is opposite to this vanity will be planked with white wood. This will be a wood accent wall, where I’ll have additional storage and hooks for towels. I’m really looking forward to seeing this part of the project come alive.

old bathroom vanity

The flooring is a dark chocolate luxury vinyl tile. It has grout lines but is not real tile. Anyways, they are the original floors to this bathroom. So, they are in need of some serious updating. The new floors are my most prized possession of this project. We’ve decided on a white, hexagon and diamond, mosaic tile. This style of floors was used a lot during the Victorian era, even extending into the 1920’s. So the style of the floors falls under a more vintage look. For me, most vintage design screams “classic”. Classic, without being too trendy or funky. I’m so excited that our flooring guy has allowed me to move forward with this flooring. We’ve talked about every pro and con. The con’s are worth every pro for me. Check out the exact flooring look in the inspiration board at the end of this post.

old vinyl tile floor

To go along with the classic look of the bathroom, I’ll be updating the paint. The bathroom nook will be painted SW Iron Ore, which is a deep gray. To me it comes across as black but is gray. For the rest of the walls, we’ll be painting them SW Alabaster. It’s the most beautiful white you’ve ever seen! Ok, maybe that I’ve ever seen. It’s creamy, yet evokes that warm white I want. I’ll be painting this weekend, so stay tuned over on Instagram for updates.

upstairs bathroom wall - iron ore

Along with finalizing the countertop choice, the tub needs some selection help as well. To get exactly what we want is out of budget. That involved demoing the tub, installing a new tub or shower and tiling the rest of the walls. So, if we demo the tub, that’s not an option. What I need to finalize pricing for is a new tub with a matching, surround wall set. I’m hoping that option will keep us under budget and with a new tub to work with. Of course, we’d still have to update the fixtures, but I already have those picked out. I’ve reviewed re-finishing a tub and tub liners. They are either out of budget or not my style. Here’s to hoping that the current tub can be taken out and a new tub and wall set can go in. No tile job needed!

old bathroom tub - cultured marble

If you’re wondering how in the world this bathroom can be reformed, then look no further than this inspiration board. I had so much fun putting this bathroom remodel inspiration board together. You’ll see the wall colors, flooring, planked walls, bronze fixtures and lighting, and yep, a new toilet.

Toilets – the reason for the project.

You’ll also see the look that we hope to achieve in the space – classic, black and white color scheme, with farmhouse touches, like the planked wall. The objective of this project is to create a kid-friendly, neutral bathroom. This bathroom will also be frequented by family and houseguests as they visit too. It will be a project for the books. I can’t wait!


bathroom, inspiration, bathrrom inspiration,



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