Weekly Meal Plan 4

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Our weekly meal plan is alive and well! Here is week 4 for your enjoyment and inspiration. Maybe you will find one meal on our plan, to cook for you or your family.

meal plan, family meal, family meal plan, meal planning, blog meal planIf you follow us on Instagram, you’ll get behind the scenes peeks at different meals, grocery shopping, and more food madness. As you can tell, last week’s meal plan was thwarted when a neighbor, unexpectedly, dropped off shrimp.

Do what works for you and own it.

That led to a quick grocery store run to gather seafood boil items like corn, shrimp boil, garlic, etc.  If you really know me, you know that, I love shrimp. So this was a perfect last-minute dinner, especially for me. It’s also the reason I’m making shrimp creole this week. I have plans to peel a few pounds of shrimp tonight in preparation for that meal. So excited…to eat shrimp creole, not to peel the shrimp.

One last note about this week’s meal plan is that I’m going to attempt to diet in a few weeks. I’ll probably do the South Beach diet, which I am very familiar with. It’s mainly focused on a low-carb principle. That will be hard for me, not that I love sweets because I don’t. However, sugar is in everything. I like coffee cream in my coffee in the morning -SUGAR! I like vegetables with a high glycemic index like corn and carrots – SUGAR! I also enjoy a glass of wine -SUGAR and SULFITES! I’m trying to SLOWLY wean my body of different sugars and carbs. One way I’m watching my sugar / carb intake this week is by going bun-less with my hamburger. I’ll be sharing how tasty a bun-less hamburger can be this week on the blog. Here is a little sneak peak of the bun-less beef hamburgers. More to come on that soon!

bunless hamburger, low carb burger, south beach diet hamburger, hamburger

I really hope that you’ve been enjoying me sharing our weekly meal plans with you. Hopefully, someone can benefit and be inspired for at least one meal.

With a little planning and a lot of love, dinner time can be a success.


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