20 Useful Things To Do While Being at Home More

Whether you’re always at home or suddenly find yourself at home more because of world conditions, you may be trying to figure out what to do now. With most unnecessary activities being cancelled, this opens up windows of opportunities or extra time in our schedules. While many must navigate working from home or trying to work among the chaos, there is still extra time to be at home. Here are some fun ideas or things to do while at home more.

1. Read more books.

Pull out old books or magazines, or find some new ones on Amazon. Dust off your Bible and dig in. Read whatever suits you but read more. Find books to read for your children too. My daughter linked her library called to an app called Overdrive. She’s really enjoying having her favorite series at her fingertips. I think I just might download the app too. Could you spend the same amount of time reading that you do on social media? Food for thought…

2. Learn a new language.

Spanish, French, or Portugese anyone? What language have you always wanted to learn more about? Maybe you have an upcoming international trip (post COVID-19) where learning a second language would help you navigate the country better. Could you dedicate 15 minutes a day to learning a new language? You never know when you’ll need it and you’ll feel confident having the knowledge.

3. Wash and clean out your vehicles.

Get out the bucket and handheld vacuum! Yes, I’m encouraging you to wash your car the “old school” way – with the water hose and your hands. Out of cleaning supplies? Check out this car care kit. It would be a great lesson for kids on cleanliness and taking care of your valuables. A little sweat equity goes a long way.

4. Take an online course.

What could you learn in 30 days, 2 weeks, or just a weekend? With a little time, you could learn a new marketing skill to add to your resumé, enhance your personal development with a productivity class, or learn valuable photography skills. What you learn now could prove to be very valuable for you in the near future.

5. Watch movies.

Yep, I’m talking about watching movies, in your pajamas, if you’d like. Whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, or Disney+ – there are a ton of options for finding new movies, shows, or documentaries to watch. Make it a weekend marathon and just enjoy good ole’ movies with the family. I could definitely use a day like that!

6. Start a mini garden.

Buy packets of seeds or pickup herbs already in containers (save them from the quarantine) for a mini garden. Herbs can easily be kept indoors ( in a windowsill or outdoors) or grown in containers outdoors. Getting your hands dirty with soil feels so good and is relaxing.

7. Start a blog or vlog.

If you enjoy expressing yourself through writing (or even journaling) then a blog might be great for you. A blog is just a personal website where you can build a brand around content. There’s a ton of content online on how to start a blog. You’ll need to get used to doing your own research (Google it), so I’ll let you do your own research. If you need help, just let me know.

8. Spring clean your home.

Just like that – spring is here! I normally have all kinds of spring cleaning tasks planned but haven’t got up the motivation needed yet. Nevertheless, I’m sure our homes could all use a little love – outside and inside. Maybe you can tackle one room or the entire home. Make a spring cleaning list or use this Spring Cleaning Checklist to help you get started. Need more spring cleaning supplies? Try Grove.Co for an array of household cleaning supplies delivered to your front door.

9. Paint your front door.

Speaking of front door…could your front door use some sprucing up? Our back door can always use extra love. We use our back door the most and it shows. It’s about time for a touch-up. It’s possible that you have the paint you need to perform minor touch-ups on your door. If you’re in need of a new color, Behr will deliver paint and paint supplies to your front door. Freshen up that exterior door, grab a few plants, add in a new rug, and you’re all set!

10. Learn to paint.

Learn to paint with Bob Ross on Youtube. With a little more time, some basic supplies, and a willingness to learn – you’ll get it. I’ve never had a desire to paint pictures but I do love painting furniture. Whether it’s painting furniture or canvas painting, just know that gliding a paint brush on different mediums is therapeutic. You’ll feel so good once you finish.

11. Try new recipes.

Search Pinterest or cookbooks for new cooking ideas. Try your hand at a new baking recipe or cook a big feast (if you have enough food.) If available, involve a family member or two. Get as many people as involved, turn on some jazz music, and get to cooking. For me, cooking is very therapeutic so I love any opportunities to do it. What are you cooking while stuck at home?

12. Paint home interior walls.

Touch-ups or painting an entire room are all fair game. Search your garage for leftover paint or touch-up colors. If you need to buy new paint, try Clare, interior paint and supplies shipped to your door. Or if you’re a Sherwin-Williams paint lover, like I am, then several friends have stated to call your order in and they will bring it your car. My living room and foyer could definitely use some touch-ups. What room could use a little “paint love” in your home?

13. Update your resume or media kit.

When is the last time you updated your resume or media kit (if you’re an influencer/blogger)? Our skills and what we have to offer changes over time so don’t forget to show it off. Use LinkedIn for professionals and if you’re an influencer/blogger, visit all the networks you’re apart of and refresh your profiles and update your stats/media kit.

14. Learn to play an instrument.

If playing the piano or guitar is something you’ve thought about doing, now is the time to act. We recently purchased a ukulele for my daughter because she’s had an interest in them for a long time. We saw her passion for it and decided to move forward. Maybe you have an interest in an instrument. Most instruments come with a kit or an app to help you learn. Anyone can get started today/

15. Play board games.

Over the past year, we’ve accumulated many board games. Whether it’s Pie Face or UNO, there are many games that work for all ages. If you’re looking for a way to lighten the stress, pull out a board game after dinner. Everyone will laugh more and it will ease the tense mood / state of things.

16. Rest.

Just rest! Take a nap! Fall asleep on the sofa if you’d like or stay in the bed an extra 30 minutes. Just rest. This is very difficult for me to do. In fact, I fill my daily schedule with so many things that I basically rest – I crash. I’m not good about intentionally resting. Could we all carve out some time to rest and recharge?

17. Finish a puzzle.

There are millions of puzzles to complete. I can honestly say that we’ve started a puzzle and then didn’t complete it. Why not make it a goal “to finish X of puzzles”? I love these adult puzzles as well. Give them a try! You’ll find yourself working on your patience too.

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18. Practice calligraphy.

Not only is calligraphy pretty, it’s a great stress reliever. I started practicing this handwriting form last year and thought it was fun. Am I good? I’m not quite that good yet, and that’s what I said “practice calligraphy”. Ha! Here’s a good pen set and calligraphy book to get started. Practice makes perfect friends.

19. Start a journal.

There is a ton of depressing news to watch, view, and consume. Why not step away from sad news and write? Get a pen, a tablet, and start writing. Write about your feelings, your concerns, and your goals. You will feel a lot lighter after doing so.

20. Learn to draw.

I don’t mean draw world-class drawings by any means. I’ve accepted I’ll never be an amazing drawing artist. But, I can draw cartoon-like characters and drawings. Art for Kids Hub is great for fun drawings with the kids. I can actually draw something legible with the help of this family. Plus, the drawings don’t take long and even my six-year old can do it.

Whether you decide to rest, read more books, or find new recipes to cook – do it well and with all your heart. Our schedules have shifted with some of you now schooling your kids from and working at home. Some of you may have been laid off and are now trying to figure out what’s next. For some of you, life is almost the same, but not really. Whatever the case, find new or old things to keep your mind busy. Make opportunities to create memories with your family. Take the more time and make it very useful. What are you up to while being at home more? Let me know in the comments.

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