4 Ways to Make Life With a Senior Dog Enjoyable

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[bctt tweet=”Here’s 4 ways to make life enjoyable with a senior dog. Enjoy every moment!” username=”@thehollidayco”]We love our dog, Kipsy, though he isn’t quite a baby anymore. Our family dog, a Maltese, has been a part of our family since he was 8 weeks old. My husband and I remember picking him out and bringing him home, like it was yesterday. Now that he is 12 years old that makes him a senior dog. As a small breed dog, that makes him approximately 64 years old, in human years. Overall, he’s been very healthy, however, the last 2-3 years we’ve seen changes that signify that he is getting older. Here’s a few ways we are making life with a senior dog enjoyable.

1. Prepare for and accommodate life changes.

There is no denying that your dog will age but you can prepare accordingly. You know your dog better than anyone else and can detect when something is not right or out of character for your dog. For a senior dog, incontinence may become an issue, whereas it was not before. After all underlying issues have been ruled out, incontinence can be difficult for both a dog owner and their pet. How can you accommodate for these life changes?

The last 2 years we’ve been faced with dog incontinence issues. It’s led to frustration for both our dog and us. However, it’s a part of old age for him. We were so happy to find Hartz® Male Wraps perfect for senior dogs like ours. Hartz® Dog Diapers and Male Wraps provide a better solution for dogs who suffer from incontinence, urinate from excitement, excessive marking and for surgery recovery purposes. With a high absorbency for up to 6 hours, I’m feeling less nervous throughout the day. No more throwing out rugs after making this product a part of our dog’s routine! Be accommodating to whatever your senior pet’s needs are.

Hartz Pets, #dogsindiapers, Hartz Male Wraps, dogs in diapers

2. Exercise with their personal needs in mind.

We don’t bring our dog on long walks anymore since his joints bother him. We do take short walks and give treats that support hip joint health. Since we’ve been indoors more lately, Hartz® Male Wraps have come in handy. The patented “Comfort Hold Strip” provides a soft and comfortable, yet secure fit for your dog without the Velcro sticking to the fur, so even when your dog is active around the house, the wrap will stay in place.  Be sure to measure for the right fit for your dog. This makes for a hassle-free situation even while your dog is moving around. All dogs need exercise but take your own dog’s health in mind when engaging in activity.

Hartz Pets, #dogsindiapers, Hartz Male Wraps, dogs in diapers

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

At first, it was disappointing dealing with dog incontinence, but I kept reminding myself that my dog was also disappointed and embarrassed. Dogs never want to disappoint you and they know when we’re not happy with them. For our male dog, wraps have been a solution that works.  Hartz® Male Wraps also include two stylish and fun prints. That’s a double win! Ease your frustration with solutions that are fitting for your dog and you.

Hartz Pets, #dogsindiapers, Hartz Male Wraps, dogs in diapers

Hartz Pets, #dogsindiapers, Hartz Male Wraps, dogs in diapers

4. Show them unconditional love and enjoy every moment.

We enjoy every day with our dog even not knowing how long he will be with us. Our Kipsy Behr has been an amazing dog to our family. He still loves doing “patty cake” for treats and running around the house with the kids. These small senior dog issues we’ve been dealing with are just that, small, in comparison to the joy he’s brought to us. Being able to have brands like Hartz on our side has brought me some comfort. Hartz® Dog Diapers and Male Wraps are available now on Amazon – perfect for online ordering. Give your dog some extra snuggles today and enjoy every moment.

Hartz Pets, #dogsindiapers, Hartz Male Wraps, dogs in diapers

Hartz Pets, #dogsindiapers, Hartz Male Wraps, dogs in diapers


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