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One project led to another and we are on our way to a cozy back porch. This post contains affiliate links.

There are a lot of things I didn’t plan this year that have just happened. Some bad things and some good things. Getting things done on the outside was rather low on the list. However, updating our home exterior is one seemingly small project that has turned into a rather big update. A few days after being under a “stay at home” order, I started wondering what home projects I could really accomplish. Should I organize inside? Should I try to make sense of our office space? Should I give the foyer an update? After days of nice weather, I realized that the beautiful weather (and rather cool for Louisiana) was making us spend even more time outdoors. After talking it over with my husband, we decided I should paint the porch floors.

It’s would be a pretty easy update and wouldn’t cost much…maybe a coat of paint at best. Well, friends, that update has turned into painting the front and back porch, painting the porch railing, painting shutters, painting the swing that’s going back up, and adding patio furniture and decor to the back porch. The back porch is where we spend the most time and it’s almost always much more cooler there as well. We grill in the back, enjoy cold snacks like cocktails and popsicles, and it’s also the entry most people use for our home. After days of working on the exterior, I realized it’s time to make this space work for us. Here’s the general design plan for our back porch.

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Copper Hammered Stool | Patio Sectional | Rattan Planter, Set of 2

Bronze Fan | Tasseled Charcoal Outdoor Rug

Let me just say that planning this space has been the funnest for me. It’s like a second living room but I feel like I can’t really mess it up. I’ve never felt that way about any room in my home. Maybe because this space is outside is why I feel like I can do anything and get away with it. Or maybe I’m feeling more confident in my style. I’m not sure. But, so far, I love everything I picked for our back porch.

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sw black magic

Plant Lady Rug

Of course, as I mentioned, we are starting with black porches that I recently painted. I used Sherwin Williams A 100 Black Magic to paint the entry doors and porch floors. That was quite the process that I shared behind the scenes on Instagram. But I can say I truly love! I’ll confess that black shows everything but I still love it. I give the porches a quick wash down during the week so that they don’t build up with dirt. Also, I have a big 8×10 outdoor rug that will cover most of the space and protect the paint.

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outdoor rug, pier 1

Alona Moss Rug

To make the space cozy, I decided I would layer rugs. I’m hoping to add texture and and dimension this way. I’ve always wanted to layer rugs so this space is my chance to do that. The 8×10 Pier 1 Alona Moss rug (pictured above), will be the base of the rugs. The moss green, on the edge of the rug, provide an accent color that you’ll see again in the space.

Tasseled Outdoor Opalhouse Rug

Here is the tasseled charcoal Opalhouse rug that I have plans to layer on top of the other rug. It’s got pattern, texture, and dimension. Do you see the tassels? Tassels on an outdoor space excite me! You may think it’s too dressy or rather too much, but I feel it adds in this unexpected touch. I’ve been using it in the space and it’s holding up well for an outdoor rug. It also pulls in the the charcoal color that will be in the patio set. Here is the Diamond Pixel Project 62 rug on the front porch. I highly recommend it too!


Burruss Patio Sectional

This would normally be an in-store purchase for me, but since I can’t do that well right now I turned to the internet. After a lot of searching (and getting advice from you guys), I found a patio sofa set that I’m hoping has been worth the wait, the Burruss Patio Sectional. I read all the reviews and looked at all the user pictures before I made my decision. Also, the space constraints were an issue. My back porch isn’t huge by any means. So, I knew a 4-5 piece patio set would be sufficient.

Of utmost importance, was that the furniture promoted comfort. There were many sets that just didn’t look comfortable…too hard, not enough cushions, etc. I want to have dinner here, enjoy coffee with a friend (social-distancing of course), and do homeschool here. Comfort and a sense of coziness is important. I’ll keep you updated on the comfort level.

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Embroidered Tropical Leaf 17″ Pillow

Calliope 24″ Moss Pillow

During the design process, I realized I didn’t know what accent colors I would use. Yellow, green, and red were good contenders. But when I tried them out in the design board (since I can’t shop in-store and play with different colors and patterns), they just didn’t excite me. So I kept looking and stumbled on this embroidered tropical leaf pillow. What a showstopper! Is this pillow suppose to even be outside?! (I read all the specifications and description, I promise). I knew I had to make this outdoor pillow a part of my porch design and that’s where the moss color came into play. The calliope moss pillow will play as an accent to the embroidered pillow.

Honeywell Outdoor Fan

One thing I haven’t shared on the back porch is that we have a white fan, but it broke about 2 years ago. We never replaced it. I’m not doing all of this work and leaving a broken fan on the back porch. I’ve even decided to forgo replacing the porch lighting for now so that we can have a new fan. For one, every southern porch should have a working fan. Two, we should have updated the fan 2 years ago. Lastly, updating the fan adds interest to the ceiling. Here is the Honeywell outdoor fan that will be in the space. Don’t tell my husband he has to do the electrical!

Hammered Black Garden Stool, Pier1 outdoor furniture,

There will be many other decor items on the porch but I wanted to share this hammered black stool with you. The hourglass shape is beautiful and I can’t wait to add a small plant or a coaster for a drink to it. The rust resistant black finish is perfect for the space. It adds the color black back into the space in a very pretty way. I see this piece being moved all around the back porch – it’s versatile.

Plant Lady Rug

The last piece item I wanted to share with you is this “Plant Lady” rug. It comes from my shop, Copper and Brass. When I sourced this rug for my shop I was thinking of all the women who take great care of their plants. There are specific women I can think of that are “plant ladies”. I definitely never thought of myself as that person, until now. My interest and desire to take care of my plants has grown so much. I thought it was time I embraced being a “plant lady”, even though my thumb is not all the way green.

It will take until the end of the month to pull the entire space together. Hopefully, shipping will be faster than expected and we’ll be able to get it all done quickly. My biggest tasks will be putting the patio furniture together, installing the new fan, painting the railing around the porch, and finalizing plants for planters.

What do you think of this porch design board? Are you tackling any spring projects?


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