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Save Time and Money with Grove Collaborative 

As a busy Mom, I know the struggle of doing errands with kids in tow. On a weekly basis, I often have many stops to make only to realize that one of the kids has fallen asleep. If you’re a parent, you know the moment I’m talking about. You’re headed to your second stop and turn around only to find out that “Buddy” didn’t make it. He’s fast asleep for his daily nap, and we would hate to mess that up, right? Yes, it’s happened to me many times.

Well, I’ve found a service to deliver basic household goods. It’s definitely saved me a trip or two to the store. It’s also saved me some money because now I don’t have to pass the Dollar Spot at Target just to buy basic home goods. It’s cut down my store trips for sure! Anything that is useful to me I love sharing with my audience. I only share things I benefit from or really love.

It’s my pleasure to educate you on my new favorite service – Grove Collaborative. Some of my favorite cleaning products are delivered straight to my door and I love it! I really enjoy using safe brands in my home and around my family. Grove Collaborative has done their best to offer some of the best, natural household products and have them delivered to your doorstep. They carry one of my favorite cleaning brands – Mrs.Meyers. That’s one of the main reasons I like Grove Collaborative.  They carry the natural brands that your family already loves – Method, Seventh Generation, and Tom’s of Maine.epantry, epantry order, epantry shipment

The basic cleaning products that I was leaving my home to purchase show up right on time every month. Here is what my last order included: a Seventh Generation Facial Tissue box (an essential for winter), Mrs. Meyers Glass Cleaner, 1 Grove Collaborative Soy Candle, Mrs. Meyers Dryer Sheets, Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Cleaner, and Mrs.Meyers Hand Soap (you can never enough hand soap). My order was approximately $35.00 and shipping was free. I save money not adding unnecessary things to my cart, just to get to the products I went to the store for. Sorry Target, and thank you ePantry!

grove candleCustomize Your Order Anytime

One great thing about ordering items through Grove Collaborative is that you have lots of time to customize your order. They send several emails reminding you to visit your Dashboard to make any changes. This allows you plenty of time to make an order based on your current needs. A new item that I added to this month’s Grove shipment was a Eucalyptus and Spearmint candle by Grove Collaborative. I only burn soy candles with as little other additives as possible, because otherwise my allergies will go haywire. This little 8 oz. candle burns for over 70 hours so I was very excited to add it to this month’s shipment. I actually switched out an item that I didn’t need this time around just so I could have this candle. That’s how convenient ordering from ePantry is! I’ll be sure to update you on my Instagram about how I like the candle. So far, so good.

grove co

Experiment with New Brands and Products

Another great thing about being able to customize your order from month-to-month is that it allows you to try new brands. The other 2 items (yes, that’s two items, not one) that I’m excited to try are from Mrs.Meyers. Mrs.Meyer’s glass cleaner and Mrs.Meyer’s dryer sheets are new to my shipment this month. I never knew the glass cleaner existed and it’s my favorite allergy-friendly fragrance – Lavender. No matter how much we use, I never sneeze or feel bad. What a great brand?

We use clear and free washing detergent and that’s helped a lot with allergies. But it does leave your clothes smelling a little, well, like nothing at all. Clean, yes, but no smell. So, I figured since the Lavender scent has always worked fine for us, the dryer sheets were worth a shot too. I’m interested to see if the glass cleaner can replace my Windex. Stay tuned on that as well.

be good dish brush, epantry review

One last item that I’m really enjoying is the Be Good Dish Brush. It has a bamboo handle and the bristles are made of recycled plastic. It’s held up way longer than any dish brush I’ve ever had. Not to mention it’s super pretty for a dish brush. I need all the inspiration I can with dishes. I love to cook, but dishwashing – Pfffh! That job is for my dishwasher.

Referral from The Holliday Collective

Grove household goods are the ones that we’ve already been using for our families. They are the brands we trust to be safe and natural. My husband just sees the box show up and probably thinks I’m spending extra money. But actually, I’ve saved time, money, and have been able to try out some new brands. What’s not to love? The Holliday Collective are hooked on Grove Collaborative.  If you’re interested in Grove Collaborative and wanting to try it out, click here for my referral link. You’ll get $10 today if you sign up using the referral link.

Are you going to try out Grove Collaborative? Do you have any tips for saving on household goods? 



This was my honest Grove review. I am not being compensated for this article. The information in this article was written exclusively for my audience. Thanks!


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