How To Start A Blog: Step #1 – Pick A Topic

Maybe for some time now you’ve been a blog follower. You regularly follow your favorite fashion, food, home and DIY bloggers via email, Facebook, or by visiting their blog. You find yourself inspired by everyday people who are sharing their passions with you. You find yourself thinking, I’d love to have my own blog, but I could never do that. I could never build a blog like that! It looks so pretty and the images are so nice and inspiring. Remember you’re just a follower.

But what if I gave you the steps to become a leader? That’s right, you? Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own blog, your own platform, to discuss what inspires you – which could in turn inspire others?  Well, today, I’m starting a new series on “How To Start A Blog”. I’ve had more than one blog (more on that later) and I’m excited to share with others on how to do the same. Start your own blog that’s what! Because I am no different than you…we all have unique stories to tell and information to share. Quite frankly, you might be surprised at the audience that is waiting to hear from you. So if you’re ready for the very first step to get your started, then continue reading.

Step#1: Pick a topic 

You’re seriously considering your own blog? That’s great news! Now the big question is what in the world should you write about? Step #1 in this blogging process is pick a topic. This is one of the most important steps of starting a blog. Not just any topic. Picking a topic that you can write about day after day is huge. In fact, if you second guess a topic, then it’s probably best to move on. Believe me! I started my first blog, Beautiful|IQ in 2008, a beauty and health blog. But, I’m honestly not obsessed with all things beauty or health. I love reading about those topics but I’m not passionate about them.

Maybe you already know you could talk endlessly about photography, cooking, or fashion. There are so many topics to discuss and an audience waiting to hear your voice on the matter. However, the reason this step is so important is because the topic you choose must mean something to you.  It’s pertinent that you are passionate about what you are writing about. If you expect to build an audience and regularly commit to blogging, passion is a must.

So, what is it that excites you? Your family life, your career, clothes, food, home decor? What can you teach others? How to Sew, how to cook, how to decorate, how to manage their finances, how to plan parties? What are you passionate about that others would be interested in as well? Could you find something to write or share about this topic every week? These are all matters to consider that will help you determine the best topic to blog about. If you’re still not sure, then start a list. Use the questions I mentioned to explore possible topics.

Lastly, if you never received a penny for blogging, what would you still be happy to write about? That’s something to think about for sure. Monetizing your blog is an entire other topic and something that will take time. Thus again another reason for having a passion for your topic. Everyone has a unique story and personality so don’t ever feel like no one wants to hear what you have to say. Someone, somewhere, will relate to your unique style and topic. So pick a topic that excites you and run with it! It’s your blog and you can do what you want to!!!

Did you find this tip helpful? If so, please come back for Step #2 on the How To Start A Blog series – pick a name for for your blog. What topic do you currently blog about or would you like to start writing about and why? Leave your answer in the comments or email your ideas. I’d be happy to help you pick a topic!


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