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Man life is moving super fast!  Lately, we have been so busy as a family I really have had no time to share what we’ve been up to or working on. Maybe you don’t really care what we’ve been up to because we’ve been gone too long.  Either way, I figured it was time for an update on what all we’ve been up to. Here goes nothing or a lot…however you want to look at it.  Think of it as a long weekender series.

“B” (my husband) started a new business, GoodHiring, a hiring solution to connect job seekers with employers. So together, that makes business number 3 for us. Yikes! We are business-crazy guys!

gh-logo-darkWe went to Disney World in March. We spent a week in Florida, during early March, at the happiest place on earth. My in-laws joined us and it was a memorable week. We can’t wait to go again! Marley said it was the best trip ever, but it doesn’t take much to please her.




Surprisingly, we completed a few house projects including painting the dining room (which I’m already to change), ripping up old carpet upstairs and putting down 1 X 4 wood floors by ourselves. The process in its simplicity looked something like this…and yes, that’s me with no makeup on and wood boards in my Venza. That’s how we do it folks! Take it or leave it. What you don’t see is us working with a saw for the first time (sometimes late into the night…sorry neighbors), realizing we only need a few boards to complete the project but now Lowe’s is closed, and getting one coat of paint on the floors as my family was driving into town the same day.  I promise to share more of that project later.  It was fun for sure, and actually very economical. See our daughter helping with the project on our Instagram. 

rippedupcarpet    woodplanksincar    diywoodfloors

The Vintage Company completed a styled photoshoot with 10 other local wedding vendors, and it was published in the April POV Magazine. B even helped me create this mini magazine to get press for the shoot. It was hard work and a lot of unknowns, but it was well worth it. I learned a lot about PR during those weeks.


styled shoot

styled shoot

B and I started writing a book. We spend a lot of time together working from home and are always either discussing new ideas or how to handle issues in our own businesses. We are not only life partners but make businesses decision together as well.  The things we have learned over the years from running a business from home are numerous. So, we’ve talked for a while now about writing our own book or starting our own course to educate others.  When I found this course by infopreneur Regina, I knew we had to sign up!  We are participating in a course called “INFOBOMO”, which stands for information book month. Though we are behind on our progress, we have more than we did a month ago.  Stay tuned on the book writing process.



Lastly, the kids took some spring pictures at one of my businesses’ styled mini sessions. I’m so glad I was able to bring them and have one of my favorite photographers, Jessica Brenner, photograph a few pics of them.  They are growing so fast and it’s nice to have some images to capture their current ages. Sebastian is a super busy little boy. He embodies the essence of an active, little boy. If you know boys, you’ve met my son. Marley is a typical little lady and doesn’t like getting wet. Be still my heart. 

holliday kids

There is no need to talk about what’s in the works for the next year, because that my friends would overwhelm you.  So, for now, we hope to continue to inspire you to live your best life as mothers, fathers, and families. We are The Hollidays and this is our story. As always, thanks for stopping by!


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