How To Start A Blog: Step 3

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So glad you could stop by today! I really hope that you’ve been enjoying the blogging topics lately. If you stopped by the blog last week, you learned about the new series we started – How To Start A Blog. This series is for the person who has always followed blogs but has been intimidated by the process of starting their own. I have so much to say about this topic, so I’ve split each task into manageable steps. If you work on one step a week, you won’t be overwhelmed. You will also make the right decisions for your blog and you. Each week, I’ll be sharing a new step, and I’d be happy to learn about your progress along the way. Got a topic to write about?! Picked a name that represents your brand?! Well, then it’s time to get a little technical…just a little.

Step#3 – Purchase the domain that closely matches your blog name.

Oh man! Things are about to get a little technical but don’t worry you can handle this. Believe me, you must get comfortable with the technical side of running a blog. You’ve got this! Continue on…

Since you’ll be writing on the internet you need a domain for your audience to find you. Your domain is your “” or your web address. You will need to purchase a matching or similar domain name to your blog. The best way to start this process is to visit a domain registrar and see what’s available. We love GoDaddy, and highly recommend them and their staff. We’ve always received excellent customer service and they are our go-to domain registrar. The great thing is if your exact domain is taken they will give you several suggestions. Don’t be afraid of  “.co” and “.net”. With the amount of websites on the internet most good “.com” addresses are taken. Either try abbreviating your name or using one of the suggestions provided.

We own many domain names so I’m confident when it comes to this step. My process for selecting a domain starts with would I remember it? How does it sound when you say it out loud? Long? If it’s too long to type, to difficult to remember, or confusing in anyway, then you could risk the chance of losing a website visitor and a loyal reader. Think carefully and purchase your domain for a year. The purchase of your domain will cost you approximately $10-$15/year. Buy it and move on! Now check that off your list!!!


If you are intimidated at any point during this process, please contact me. I’d be happy to walk you through any of the steps up until now. Email me or message me on Facebook.  Remember, you can start your own blog. Yep you!


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