Lessons Learned & Launch of a New Business

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The launch of a new business is almost 2 weeks away. I spoke a little about my plans for the upcoming weeks here. One of those things was moving forward with selling a curated collection of antique/ vintage items. Flea Fest in Lake Charles, Louisiana on November 14th and 15th seemed like the perfect event to launch a new business. With up to 15,000 people visiting the show over the 2 day weekend, this event seemed perfect for advertising the business. In addition to adverting, the opportunity to sell and network is abundant. At this point, the opportunity to meet new people is more valuable than selling. Here’s why.

Relationships are powerful in business

The lessons are abundant in business. One lesson that I’ve learned to be true is that “people do business with people they like and trust.”  There are a lot of variables that can determine a business’s success – A LOT. Just to name a few, the economy, your audience, and the product or service you’re selling are variables that affect a business. Most of the time, you cannot control these variables and they can change quickly. However, if people truly like you and trust you, they will do business with you. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but they will remember you.  They will also refer their friends to you. And that my friends, is why relationships are a very important variable while running a business. You can never selfishly run a business and think that it will succeed. If you start a business just to make money, I’m not saying it won’t be successful. But, you can’t deny the power of relationships in running a business. It’s a powerful sales tool that will take you a long way.
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Instead of getting stuck on how much money I need to make at this show, I’m focusing on my audience. What do that have to say, what do they think, and are they buying what I have to offer? Businesses come and go, but relationships can be made for a lifetime. A network of people is a very valuable asset.  I hope to continue to grow mine.

Name of New Business

It didn’t take long to name this business, Olde Swag, because I had already bought the domain name. When you live in this house, you purchase domain names just in case. Olde Swag is a curated collection of antique and vintage items for use as home decor. “Swag” is a modern word for cool. It was important that this brand be a cool way to buy old things. A lot of people look at antiques and vintage items and remember it from their childhood. They reminisce about their grandmother or grandfather using certain items.  I love to hear those stories! All old items have a story.

In addition to stories, antiques and vintage items were made well and have value. Furniture – wooden and upholstered, kitchen tools, artwork and more;they were all made with a high quality of materials and character. So I’m making it my mission to find these items and share them with you. Eventually I’ll consider an online store to sell items, but for now we will travel to local shows to sell. So, you’ll have to come and see me at Flea Fest in order to purchase your “old swag.”



If you don’t like anything old, that is perfectly fine. I understand. But with time, I hope to change your mind. I hope to prove that old items can make your home unique. They bring character into your space that can’t be replicated. Be sure to follow us on Instagram while we work up to the minute to prepare for the show. You’ll get a peek at some items for purchase too! Thanks for stopping by!




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