One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Reveal

For the past six weeks, I embarked on a design challenge, the One Room Challenge, to makeover one space in my home. I was able to join as a guest participant and decided to tackle my master bedroom. Each week, I shared updates here on the blog of my progress. Some weeks, I progressed a lot and others I didn’t make much visible progress. It was a wild ride to the finish line! There was a ton of emotions and issues (read about more bloopers at the end of this post). But, I would definitely do it again! Somehow, with all the challenges, I made it to week 6 with a space we really love.

Here is what the general plan was for the space. I would use a few bold colors and patterns to create an inspiring and sophisticated master bedroom. This was my first time including so many bright colors in a space but I was so excited to try it. I liked everything that I chose as inspiration, even though others were a little unsure of my choices. Even when I received my Ashley Lasseigne fabric samples, I second-guessed my original thoughts. Maybe I should just design with black and white or muted/neutral tones. Maybe this was too much. But I stuck with my gut and I’m so glad I did. It worked! It’s now week 6 of the One Room Challenge and that means it’s reveal day.

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Here is what our master bedroom has looked like in previous years. Dark, an old ceiling fan, drab everywhere you look, and the total opposite of inspiring. We have always kept this door closed because it was more like a storage unit with a bed in it. You’re laughing, but I’m serious! Ha! Our master bedroom is the only bedroom downstairs so it always has been the space to put extra stuff in. That’s the opposite of what a bedroom should be like.

master bedroom before, one room challenge

Here is what it looks like now…

Frye Imaging

Frye Imaging

We created a faux shiplap wall, which was painted Newburg Green, but it’s really a blue. I love how moody it makes the space! I created a custom luxury headboard which you can read all about here. We kept our nightstands but updated them with paint and hardware. There is new gray linen bedding, drapes, and a new rug. You will notice touches of wood tones in the lamps, French Country mirror, and the decorative basket.  I even picked up this matching decorative basket tray. That was my way of adding texture into the space. Soon our bamboo shades should be in and that will add even more texture to the window area too. True to my style, there are also many vintage items in the space, including the bench, suitcases, and old books. The velvet curtains are from Wayfair and I’m very pleased with them.

Frye Imaging

Frye Imaging

Frye Imaging

Frye Imaging

Here is the fireplace area, lighting, and side of the bedroom before and after….

Frye Imaging


Frye Imaging

Frye Imaging

The vintage dresser came from a thrift store and was updated with paint. It’s the perfect size and design for the space. I love that it’s old too! It’s solid that’s for sure. The gray velvet chairs came from Tuesday Morning, and the throws are from Target. The blue chenille chunky throw is warm and chunky. The pink fur throw is my favorite and is super cozy too. Yeah for layers of warmth and coziness!

The barn doors were already in the space but we still updated the hardware and door with paint. The blue makes the space calming against the white wall. I love my white walls and all the colors in this space. The floral Opalhouse canvas print was a quick find at Target. It matches perfectly. The round basket, vintage frame, and books were all thrifted finds.

Frye Imaging

Frye Imaging

Barn Door

This vintage chandelier was a piece I inherited when I owned a vintage rentals and styling company. I have had it for 3 years and never set it up. Originally, I was saving it for my kitchen but after starting this project, I realized this would be a great spot for it too. I’m so glad I ran fast with that decision. It was the best decision and it looks awesome in the master bedroom. It has a dimmer on it and everything! Truly beautiful! It’s definitely one of my favorite things in the space.

Frye Imaging

Special thanks to the following people for their special contribution to this project:

My husband, Brandon Holliday, for jumping in and helping me pull everything together. He trusted my vision and let me do what I wanted in this space. He also ripped boards, painted trim, hung curtain rods, and a ton of other tasks to help get to reveal day. Thanks B!!!

Ron Trosclair, my handy neighbor for cutting my headboard template. I gave him a very rough sketch but he ran with that. Thanks Ron!

Ashley Lasseigne, for listening to all my ideas about how I would use her fabric and wallpaper. In the end, I decided to use one of her fabrics for a headboard and a bench. She was super sweet and gave me a discounted rate on my purchase. Thanks Ashley!

Corey Woods, our friend and a knowledgeable electrician, who came to our house three times to help us! He hung my vintage chandelier, with a dimmer, and updated all the electrical fixtures in the space. He was awesome and we are super thankful to him for his help and knowledge. Thanks Corey!

Whitney Jones, of Whitney J Decor, for meeting my halfway between Houma and New Orleans, just for one pillow. I needed one more pillow to make the bed properly and she did it on short notice. All my custom pillows from Whitney have been high quality so I knew exactly what I was getting. She also searched two Home Depots for a fiddle leaf fig since I couldn’t find any locally. Thanks Whitney!

Angela Morehead, my aunt, who drove me to New Orleans and back (with the kids in tow), just to search for a vintage dresser for my space. She was totally dedicated to helping me finish the space. Thanks Tee!

Kylie Frye, of Frye Imaging, for assisting me with photography in the space. She’s too sweet and jumped right into my mess to photograph it. I know that I’ll be working again with her real soon. Thanks Kylie!

All of my blog readers and social media followers, which includes friends and family that always support this little blog of mine.

The entire ORC community and Better Homes and Gardens, the media partner for this fall ORC project!





This design challenge was a huge challenge! I cried, I stared at walls for minutes at a time, I talked to myself often, I burned my arm pretty bad, I spilled paint on my floor not once but twice, and I almost quite multiple times. However, I was confident, even if it wasn’t perfect, that if I stuck it out, I would end up with a master bedroom that we could enjoy. I can honestly say that we got way more than that.

Brandon has found his spot in the sitting area, by the fireplace, in which he always falls asleep. So, it’s totally relaxing! I always thought that if the space was inspiring that it would be relaxing and that it is. The kids love the space and are constantly hanging out in it too. As for me, I could have never achieved all of this in the space without the challenge. I would overthink decisions and the project would stall. So in spite of all the drama, tears, fear, and challenging decisions, I’m so happy I did this. My master bedroom is something I’m officially proud of. Here is the week by week post breakdown.

One Room Challenge

Week #1

Week #2

Week #3

Week #4

Week #5


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Please check out all the other ORC participants reveals. There is a ton of inspiration! I can’t wait to finish cleaning the rest of my house from the ORC madness so I can check out some other highlights. We actually slept in the bedroom last night and I actually had a dream! That means I was in a deep sleep and I’m super excited about. There are more dreams in my near future…yasss!!

See you in the spring for the ORC!

What’s your favorite element in this space? Let me know in the comments below. 



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