One Room Challenge | Week 1: Master Bedroom

Guess what guys?! I’m a guest participant in the fall One Room Challenge!!! This is a bi-annual, interior design challenge where I have six weeks to transform a space. I’m super excited to reveal that I’ll be giving our master bedroom a makeover! Yeah!!! Guys, there is a ton of awesome and inspiring design ideas that come out of each fall and spring design challenge. I’m definitely feeling a little pressure here.

After looking at the state of my space, I wasn’t quite sure I could make an impact in six weeks. (You’ll see what I mean below.) However, I’m up for the challenge because that is why it exists right? Today starts week 1 and I’m showing you the exact state of the master bedroom, as well as my general plans moving forward.  Ready? Here we go…

Here is what our master bedroom looked like when we moved in 7 years ago. Yes, that’s a real baby in that carseat too! Of course, we ripped up the carpet, painted the walls (a couple of times), and even put up a barn door, but that’s basically it. See the evolution of things over the past 7 years. Nothing real dramatic but slow progress.

Recently, we upgraded our mattress, which was the perfect opportunity to jumpstart the master bedroom revamp. I started painting the walls SW Alabaster and I took everything out, except for the essentials – the new mattress and something to hold the TV.  So, the space looks really bare, cold, and ready for a six week challenge. Here goes nothing…

master bedroom before, one room challenge


I told you it was nothing. So, here’s my initial design thoughts on whipping this space into shape. My inspiration board is not my normal style, however, I love every bit of it. I’m introducing a lot of color and texture that inspires me. It’s very important that this space be inviting and also inspiring. While looking for some inspiration to strike for this space, I came across Ashley Lasseigne’s wallpaper and fabric. I’m so excited to work with her and feature some of her awesome designs in this space. The fabric I chose will be for the DIY headboard that I’ll be making. Also, I have plans to use the design for wallpaper above the fireplace. I’ve definitely got a lot of DIY projects planned and I’m hoping that doesn’t backfire. Guess, I better start tonight!

master bedroom design board, master bedroom one room challenge

I’m also dreaming of a dark shiplap wall on the big back wall in my space, but worse case, I’ll just paint it. Either way, the back wall will serve as an accent wall in the space. Also, I’ll be including lots of texture with bamboo blinds, chunky throws, plants, and baskets. It’s so hard to see this all come together, but I’m confident it can be done. I need to finalize some sources, check availability, and get going on what’s first. Please stick around for the ride! It’s going to be fun, stressful, but hopefully so worth the ride!  I hope that you’ll join me, along with all the other participants, as we share weekly updates. 

Special thanks to Linda Weinstein, the creator and owner of the widely anticipated online interior design event, the One Room Challenge™, and the ORC Media Partner – Better Homes and Gardens.

Let me know in the comments if you think I’m crazy or if this is going to be my best makeover yet?



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