One Room Challenge: Week 2

ashley lasseigne designs, master bedroom before, one room challenge, shiplap, sw iron ore

Guys, let’s be honest for one minute! I’ve never put together a space, like an entire room in six weeks. Can it be done? Obviously, it can. Look at the beautifully designed bedrooms that have come out of this design challenge. But I’ve always felt like true design, especially designing a home, takes time.

It takes time to curate and find the right pieces to make a space feel just right.

So when I entered this One Room Challenge, I was unsure of how I could pull together the perfect space in such a short amount of time. However, as week one has unfolded, I realized that this challenge, at least for me, is about making an impact in the space. Making an impact that transforms my master bedroom is what this challenge means for me. So, though I won’t be removing the carpet (which I’d love to do but it’s not in the budget), I can still make a huge impact that will makeover the space. I can design a bedroom that is inspiring and perfect for my current needs. Here are some week 1 updates straight from my master bedroom.

So far, the upholstered headboard template has been cut. Thanks to my handy neighbor with all the awesome power tools to help me properly cut my plywood. I’ve submitted an order with Ashely Lasseigne for this beautiful fabric too . The fabric I chose will be upholstered on the camelback headboard template you see below. Also, I started hanging my ripped plywood sheets for the back accent wall. This is a project I’ve completed in my laundry room and my powder room. It will be painted a dark gray/black color for contrast. I’ll be finalizing paint samples this week so be sure to watch my Instagram stories to see what I pick. Last night, I also ordered this HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer and I’m excited to use it on several projects in the space. I’ve been wanting one for years! I’m really trying to add drama and contrast with this back wall so stay tuned to it’s progress.

master bedroom before, one room challenge, shiplap, sw iron ore

I’ve got to pull the plug on a rug and have narrowed my choices down to these two options…

Navy Chalet Herringbone Cotton Flatwoven

Kiwa Handwoven Jute Jagged Chevron 

Which rug do you like best in the space? I’m leaning towards the second option with darker tones. Let me know in the comments before I make my order. Next up, week two is underway. Here are some of the changes I plan on executing in the upcoming week.

Week 2 Tasks:

  • Complete the shiplap accent wall using this method
  • Fill holes, crevices, sand, paint shiplap accent wall
  • Cover headboard template with batting to prep for fabric
  • Order rug
  • Order scones
  • Decide on trim/door/shiplap colors
  • Purchase paint colors needed for all room projects

ashley lasseigne designs, master bedroom before, one room challenge, shiplap, sw iron ore

I’m definitely starting to feel pressure but trying to keep my cool. Even though I have limited time, it’s important that I make solid design choices. So, I’m doing my best to really think about my purchases, and even look for opportunities to save money. Coupon codes here I come! Ha! The lesson to you is design a space based on your needs and resources. It’s easy to admire other space but then not have the resources to pull together that exact look. That’s okay!

Every budget, every style, and every space can be transformed.

So as I move along in this challenge, I challenge you to pick a space in your home and make it better. It may take time but that’s okay. You can still do it! Check out the ORC Blog page for more One Room Challenge inspiration.

See you next Thursday!



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