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Thinking about traveling to San Francisco? We’re sharing tidbits for San Francisco travel that will help with your vacation planning.

There is something truly inspiring about traveling. Creativity starts to flow when you can step away and see the world. It can be exploring your local area or a new town you’ve never been to. Either way the feeling is the same – you feel refreshed and energized to tackle life when you return. Six years ago, Brandon and I visited San Francisco for our 4 year anniversary. We were looking for adventure and California seemed like the perfect match. During our first trip together, we explored San Francisco via foot and public transportation. We walked A LOT, up and down the steepest streets in America, but it was fun. We also rode the MUNI bus and caught the mess out of the cable car. We fell in love with San Francisco and have been dying to go back.

No better time than our 10 year anniversary to visit California again! This trip we only planned to spend 2 nights in San Francisco so we would have some time to spend in Napa Valley. This trip’s end goal was to visit Napa Valley. So for this trip we rented a car. But it is possible to get around the city just with public transportation. Here is some of the best of our San Francisco travel. These images are from my perspective only. Hopefully we can get Brandon to share his pictures soon.

What You’ll see: Fisherman’s Wharf of San Francisco, Public transportation galore, lots of seagulls that are bold and aggressive, pet lovers, tourists taking pictures, a mix of different cultures, lots of health-conscious locals jogging by the Wharf.

Fisherman’s Wharf


What You Should Eat: Eat a fresh, steamed crab from The Crab Station. You can pick your own crab and watch as these experienced fishermen steam that baby right in front of you. Grab fresh clam chowder in a bread bowl from Boudin Sourdough. Have a Mimosa and the best homemade breakfast ever at Dottie’s True Blue Cafe. Enjoy a “low country fine dining” / live music experience at 1300 on Filmore. If you think you want a burger from In and Out Burger, give Johnny Rockets a chance.

Boudin Sourdough

best clam chowder san francisco,san francisco travel, travel, san francisco, boudins sourdough

san francisco, travel, san francisco travel

The Crab Station in Fisherman’s Wharf


san francisco travel, the crab station san francisco, travel, san francisco travel


Dottie’s True Blue Cafe

san francisco travel, dottie's true blue cafe, best breakfast in San Francisco


san francisco travel, dottie's true blue cafe, best breakfast in San Francisco

1300 on Filmore

san francisco, travel, san francisco travel, 1300 on filmore

What To Do: Watch the sea lions on Pier 39. Ride the cable car down to Union Square area and do some shopping. Rent a bike and ride it over the Golden Gate Bridge. Visit the best view of the city in Marin Headlands. Once you’ve crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, visit Sausalito for lunch (the best boutique city ever). Eat at Bridgeway Cafe in Sausalito. See Alcatraz via a ferry ride. Get a map and walk the streets – the original architecture is really amazing and inspiring. Support a local vendor by buying something on the street like I did. I found some handmade copper earrings from a local street vendor.

Best View of San Francisco – Marin Headlands

marin headlands, best view of san francisco

Breakfast at Bridgeway Cafe in Sausalito

san francisco travel, bridgeway cafe sausalito, sausalito, ca

Cable Car


View from Cable Car


View from Cable Car


Street vendor nearby Union Square selling copper earrings


I’ll be sharing hotel details and much more about this trip in coming days. Getting to Napa Valley was so much fun and spending a few days there was the best. It’s beautiful countryside living. Did someone say wine tasting?! For now, hopefully you’re inspired and wanting to plan your own trip to San Francisco. Did you see all the cool places The Escape Bag visited on the trip.  I was so happy the bag made it in time for the trip.

What upcoming trips do you have planned? Have you ever been to San Francisco, California?


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