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Anthropologie Typewriter Mug, anthropologie mug,

Summer is flying by, and I do have a small confession. I’m starting to crave fall days. I mean, I love summer. This summer has been no different. But, I’m ready to put my boots and cardigans on, like yesterday. I thought we’d start the week of by sharing some of our family’s favorite items. You can shop the same or similar items be clicking the picture or Shop text underneath each item.

Tote from Nordstrom

It’s wonderful if you have lots of bags and use them all equally. But this Momma, has one method – get one bag and use it until it dies. I seriously don’t have time for multiple bags. However, my husband recently bought me a very nice bag and I love it. Great job B! However, I’m terrified that I will mess it up. So I bought a secondary bag to carry all my Mom-related junk. I love it so much because it has a ton of room and it’s a great price. I actually was able to save an additional $20 on it because I had Nordstrom points saved up. Woo hoo! With free shipping enabled for all orders, I only paid $28! Score!

BP tote, BP bag, nordstrom handbag, nordstrom , mom style

Shop BP Colorblock Faux Lather Tote


Tegu Blocks

In addition to Legos, our kids really enjoy playing with Tegu blocks. A good friend told us all about them and so we decided to invest in a set ourselves. What’s really good about them is they are magnetic. Perfect for little hands still learning how to put things together. There are a ton of sets like a helicopter block set, a prism pouch magnetic set, and more. Tegu blocks are a little pricey for kids blocks, but they really are worth the investment. Highly recommend!

tegu blocks, buy tegu blocks

Shop Tegu Blocks


Typewriter Mug from Anthropologie

Anthropologie is such an inspiring store to me. I love to walk around, try on dresses, and gawk at all the cool home decor items. I’ve owned a few mugs from their store and had to share my new one. It’s a vintage typewriter image on the front! I was not leaving the store without it. There are several other options that the designer made so be sure to check the shop link below in case typewriters aren’t your thing. I’m a mug hoarder but these would also make great gifts.

Anthropologie Typewriter Mug, anthropologie mug,

Anthropologie Mug / Other Anthropolige Mug / “Make It Happen” Mug

Sharpie Pens

I feel in love with Sharpie pens when they first came out, and I’ve been a fan ever since. The ultra fine point tip makes your lines smooth and gives you great control of your writing. Sharpie pens are great for labeling items, writing notes, and even drawing. I try to keep one in my bag at all times as well as in my desk. They come in multiple colors so no matter the purpose, you’ll find a color that suits your project.

Shop Red / Blue / Black Sharpie Pens / Shop Multi-Color Sharpie Pen


Sugar + Paper Stationary at Target

It’s fair to say, we’ve all been a victim to the beautiful aisle end caps at Target. I’m a sucker for pretty desk supplies and Target did it again! They currently have a cool, luxury, stationary brand, Sugar Paper, that features desk/ stationary supplies. I love the whites, pinks, and golds that they use for items. I couldn’t pass up a few items that needed some attention on my desk. My business portfolio was in great need of replacing and this portfolio does not disappoint.  I love the striped interior, the peach notepad, and it fits my Sharpie pen just nicely in the pen holder. The Sugar Paper magazine rack is great for organizing folders and school papers until I can get to them. The cloth white pockets and gold base really add a glam touch to your desk area. I’m feeling so inspired with my new desk items and so should you!

sugar paper shop at target, sugar paper portfolio, portfolio, family style ,office style,

Shop Sugar Paper Portfolio / Shop the Entire Sugar Paper Stationary at Target

Lego Watch

Both of our kids are really into Legos right now! Since we are trying to teach Marley how to tell time we decided to buy her a watch. That also means Sebastian got one too because that’s just how it works when you have a sibling. These Lego watches come with interchangeable links  and some come with detachable figurines. The kids love them and it is pretty cool to design your own watch.

kid watch, girls watch, lego watch, lego

Shop Girl’s Lego Watch / Shop Boy’s Lego Watch

Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

Before our anniversary trip in February, I bought B some special sunglasses. What sold me on this pair of Dolce & Gabbana glasses was the matte finish. SOLD! They felt like cloth when you touch them and that separates them from all the rest. The shape is classic and masculine..perfect for men. They have held up very well too!

dolce and gabana, buy dolce and gabana, men's sunglasses

Shop Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

Milk Crate Storage Bin with Copper Handle

We can all benefit from a good basket. A catch all for shoes at the front door, a place to drop paper or toys, or a holding spot for items that go to other rooms. What I like about this storage basket is it mimics an old crate yet it’s new and clean. Cause’ let’s be honest, not all of us like old things. 🙂 The second thing I like about it is the copper handles. I love copper so this basket was perfect in my books. We use this basket in our mud area for shoes. It’s normally overflowing with shoes but it does help to keep down on the clutter. I never ask guests to take of their shoes because I feel like that’s a personal thing to ask. But I do not like my family to walk around the house with their shoes on. The less mud, grass, and germs on the bottom of our feet and trafficked through the house, the better. Happy house, happy mom!

MILK CRATE, storage bin

Shop Milk Crate 

That’s a few our favorite family items. Hopefully you found something you like too! Have a great week!


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