Walmart Neighborhood Market Review

walmart neighborhood market review, walmart, grocery store, grocery store review

walmart neighborhood market, walmart

Are you looking for low prices for quality brands? Look no further than your local Walmart Neighborhood Market. Read this review to see why you might want to give Walmart another chance.

There is no way of getting around it…I hate Walmart! Yep, I said. I’ve been a Walmart hater for years now and I’m not afraid to say it. The entire format of Walmart has been stale and broken for years. The combination of it being an oversized store, the long lines, and the vast array of people lost me years ago. One night, I even feared for my families safety. Sorry “monopoly retailer” – Walmart – cheap prices are not worth my families safety. If I’m just being honest, I couldn’t even stand the name anymore. It sort of makes me cringe and gives me anxiety. But they have the best prices! Yes, you’re right about that.

Since opening in 1962, Walmart has spent decades cornering the big-box retailer market and they’ve succeeded.  Walmart offers low prices for everyday food and home items, even offer price-matching if they don’t have the best price. Yes, price does matter but, in business, it’s not everything.  Prices do matter but so do people. The people that buy your items and the people that represent your business. Over the years, Walmart has only cared about one thing – prices. Personally, I had accepted that I would just have to pay more for my sanity, instead of giving my money to Walmart. Walmart, and maybe you, will be happy to know that my opinion has slightly changed. Here’s why.

walmart neighborhood market review, walmart, grocery store, grocery store review

Here’s what I loved about Walmart’s Neighborhood Market.

This past weekend the kids and I (currently sunburned to the max) visited our local Walmart Neighborhood Market for the first time. Walmart Neighborhood Markets offer fresh produce, meat and dairy products, bakery and deli items, household supplies, health and beauty aids and a pharmacy. It was one of the best Walmart shopping experiences I’ve had in a long time!

Walmart is in the business to win

A worker actually looked at me, smiled, and spoke to us! Can you believe that?! Yes, this is Walmart I’m talking about! As a person who loves business – Walmart is in it to win it with their neighborhood market concept! Today, I’m giving this big-box retailer credit where it’s due. Walmart is a smart company and knew how I felt. They know how most of us feel about them. That’s why they’ve spent lots of time perfecting their smaller-format stores – Neighborhood Markets. These markets are not super-centers, rather they are said to be “A grocery store with Walmart prices”. So for that reason, they do post a threat for other local markets. But overall, the concept works and is being rolled out in many states. Our local area has 2 neighborhood markets and one is only about 15 minutes away from us.

walmart neighborhood market review, walmart, grocery store, grocery store review

Size and Quick Checkout Line

Neighborhood Markets are about 1/5 of the size of Walmart Supercenters. The entire store is approximately 38,000 square feet. No need to pass out while you shop, because you can get what you need quickly and leave quickly. There was no wait time for checking out! By the time I loaded all my groceries onto the ramp it was time to checkout. There are also self-checkout lines as well. With the compact store size and quick checkout line I only felt one thing. Winning!

walmart neighborhood market review, walmart, grocery store, grocery store review

Grocery Essentials

There are no clothes sections, toy sections, or car centers at the Neighborhood Market. I really need to make groceries NOT have the kids be distracted by the toy section. So thanks, Walmart, for only keeping the essentials in the neighborhood market. It saves a lot of time and money. We were able to buy all the food items that we needed for the week. Plus, the kids got new toothbrushes too. No long trek to the other side of the store needed. Winning!

walmart neighborhood market review, walmart, grocery store, grocery store review

Fresh flowers

We were greeted by fresh flowers to purchase in galvanized buckets. A small bouquet to take home for $4.87 is a score in my book. I always enjoy a fresh flower selection at the grocery store. I want to look at flowers when I walk into the store, NOT after I start grocery shopping. Simple, yet ingenious tactic. Again, it shows that this retailer is interested in their consumers and their money. They studied and found out what works best. So glad Walmart finally caught on to that and made this simple process appealing. Winning again!

walmart neighborhood market review, walmart, grocery store, grocery store review

Good wine and cheese selection

There were 2 long rows of wine! Woah! Right there behind the Merlot sign is a bottle of Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, Cabernet Sauvignon. Brandon and I visited Stag’s Leap in Napa Valley and I feel in love with their Chardonnay. I couldn’t believe that Walmart carried a $45 bottle of wine from such a great winery. Only the neighborhood market could do that! I’ll be back for that soon. Winning!

Once you’ve got your wine, you can head right over to the well-stocked cheese bin. The top of the bin features wine blends that pair well with different food. No more, checking my phone for what pairs well with a Riesling. My neighborhood market has got me covered! There is a wealthy amount of cheese and the prices are awesome. Winning again!

walmart neighborhood market review, walmart, grocery store, grocery store review, walmart

What’s not to love

I couldn’t help but notice how clean and compact the aisles where to shop too. Also, the typography used on displays and walls was tastefully done. Sorry, couldn’t helped but notice the design. I can’t believe it but I really enjoyed my experience at the Walmart Neighborhood Market. I’m kind of excited about saving some money and I never feared for my safety! But don’t just take my word for it. Visit your neighborhood market today for those “always low prices in the size of grocery store”. You be the judge!

walmart neighborhood market review, walmart, grocery store, grocery store review

Have you visited a Walmart Neighborhood Market before? What do you think? Did you like it or not?



  1. My Brother in law works at this neighborhood market. After seeing his enthusiasm about working there and hearing what is expected of the employees, I truly believe that the neighborhood markets could change many people’s thinking. Honestly, I feel it boils down to management or dare I say lack thereof. One of my insider tips of the neighborhood markets is that if you are unsure of the location of an item an employee is to physically bring to the item. Pointing and telling you “it’s over there” is completely unacceptable. This was a great relief to me especially since the Walmart on MLK was totally rearranged everything. Far be it from to interrupt three sales associates in the middle of their “can you believe what I saw on facebook” conversation to ask them a question. Hopefully the employees at the neighborhood market take pride and care about their job as much as my brother in law does. If not, I hope the management weeds them out quickly, otherwise it will only be more of the same.

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