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Crepe Myrtle Threshold Bar Cart

Bar carts are such a fun way to entertain guests or have essentials ready for your own needs.  I’ve definitely been enjoying styling my bar cart with drinks, small bites, and more. Since we all have different styles, I’ve rounded up some favorites so you can also entertain guests with a bar cart. You’ll found neo-classical, modern, and even a galvanized option. Yes, there is a bar cart for everyone’s taste! Maybe one will catch your eye. I definitely wish I could upgrade to some of these.

A bar cart helps to keep entertaining items organized, mobile, and stylish.

Ludlow Bar Cabinet

Oh man! This first bar cart is actually a solid hardwood cabinet. It looks like an old antique trunk which is unique. It can also hold up to 12 stemware glasses, and each door has latches with key locks. I must say that I was smitten with this “bar cart” when I first saw it. This is my favorite bar cart option from Pottery Barn. Can you blame me?

entertain guests with a bar cart

Shop This Bar Cart: Ludlow Trunk Bar Cabinet – $1,279

Jolie Brass Cart

This hand-crafted bar cart comes with 2 wine holders, each of which can hold 7 wine bottles. This cart comes in a dark green/brass combination that is sure to impress. It looks really glam and stylish. This item is a show-stopper! It’s very modern with clean lines and no curves. It’s not my style but it might be yours.


Shop This Bar Cart: Jolie Brass Cart – $1,124

Pottery Barn Galvanized Storage Cart

This galvanized storage cart is at Pottery Barn and it’s one of my favorites on the list. You know how much I love galvanized trays because of obvious reasons. It’s not limited to drinks and snacks. It’s super versatile too. This cart can also be used for organizing home office supplies, craft supplies, or whatever you see fit. The galvanized material makes for an easy clean up too.


Shop This Bar Cart: Pottery Barn Galvanized Storage Cart $99

Coolidge Bar Cart

Short on space? This bar cart is the perfect mix of style and is a space-saver. The marble shelves also make this bar cart a keeper. With the three shelves in place, you can still fit a ton of items on it. I also love the antique brass on the legs and handle too. This bar cart is pricey for the size, but if you’re short on space it’s perfect.


Shop This Bar Cart: Coolidge Bar Cart  $399

Neoclassical Outdoor Bar Cart

Did someone say outdoor bar cart? The shelves are made of teak, which allows it to withstand most weather extremities. The frame is made of iron and contributes to the longevity of the item as well. What’s more to love about this bar cart? This handcrafted bar cart has not two, but three shelves! You can store a ton of bar cart essentials on here. When you’re not using it for a bar cart you can use it as a small potting bench. That’s just my two cents.


Shop This Bar Cart: Neoclassical Outdoor Bar Cart – $1,525

Target Brass and Metal Bar Cart

This is the bar cart I have and it’s because I love the mix of materials. As much as I love farmhouse style, I still try to choose items that are not too trendy. This bar cart is timeless! It has a retro vibe that makes me happy. It has clean, curved lines so is not overly modern. Brass and gold have definitely been my thing lately so I loved the incorporation of that material. I’m a little biased but I really do love this one.


Shop This Bar Cart: Metal, Wood, and Brass Bar Cart – $113.99

Safavieh Lucretius Bar Cart

If you haven’t jumped on the brass/gold train, then this is the bar cart for you. It comes in silver and really is stylish. I love the curved handle and the simplicity of it. The shelves are glass so that will require a little upkeep, but otherwise this one is a good contender. The price is really competitive and it does come in gold, if that’s your style as well.


Shop This Bar Cart: Safavieh Lucretius Bar Cart – $397.94

Pottery Barn Zinc-Top Bar Cart

If you like farmhouse style, then this is the bar cart for you. Look at the top on this baby! It’s zinc! I mean, what did you expect from Pottery Barn? I love the rustic wheels and all the compartments/shelves that this cart offers. When you’re entertaining, you need different areas to store bar cart essentials.  Notice the space for storing wine glassware too. Depending on your kitchen size, this cart could serve as an island too. I love it’s old world feel and I know you would too.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 4.12.44 PM

Shop This Bar Cart: Pottery Barn Zinc-Top Bar Cart – $2,164

Maybe you’ve been on the fence about if you really need a bar cart. Well, only you know the answer to that. But, I can say that if you really enjoy entertaining, that it’s a great “entertaining assistant” to have around. It’s mobile, keeps items organized and stylish.

What items do you keep handy for entertaining? Let me know in the comments below. 

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