Six Reasons Why Every Woman Needs a Weekend bag

six reasons why every woman needs a weekend bag


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Six reasons why every woman needs a weekend bag! Sharing what bag I purchased from Painted Fox Home too.

Age does not define being a woman. Being a woman is characterized by experiences and it’s a feeling within you. As a 30 year old woman, until now, I felt no need to have a special travel bag. I just made do with what I had and made it work. But now, with my 10 year anniversary in a few weeks, I’ve resolved I need a special bag. A woman needs to stay up to date with her style. I feel like this woman needs a special travel bag for these special occasions, like my anniversary. A bag that is just for me and for whatever extra items I want to bring on a trip. Here is why every woman needs a weekend bag.

Why every woman needs a weekend bag:

  1. Remember when you were little and you had a bag that was just for staying at Grandma’s house for the weekend? Well, now that you’re a “big girl” aka woman, you need that bag again. A bag just for you and for weekend adventures. Women have weekend bags! Please continue…
  2. You need to learn how to leave town for a weekend and pack as such. If it can’t fit in your weekend bag, don’t bring it! This bag is for quick trips. A weekend bag cannot fit diaper and wipes. Sorry moms! (Ok, technically it can, but I want this bag to be for you.)
  3. A weekend bag will not replace a suitcase for beach vacations, Disney vacations, and other outings away from home. Those times require a suitcase. When you do take a longer vacation your weekend bag can double for extra storage space.
  4. Most weekend bags are perfect carry-on baggage for flights. Check your regular suitcase and carry on your weekend bag.
  5. Weekend bags are perfect for a getaway with your spouse or your girlfriends. Pack a few essentials and you’re off!
  6. A weekend bag provides cute packing storage. Weekend bags are stylish yet still practical for packing storage.

Needless to say, I’ve never owned my very own weekend bag. We are making plans to go on a trip for our 10 year anniversary. I realized that I might need another cute bag for extra storage. There was one bag in particular that caught me eye from Painted Fox Home.

What I like about this ESCAPE Canvas Utility Bag is the white canvas and the black graphics – “ESCAPE”. This bag validates all 6 reasons that every woman needs a weekend bag. Simple put, it’s because you need to escape. Remember, this is your bag! The leather handles make it pop and go nicely with the color combination too. What ya’ think about the design? I love it!

weekend bag, weekender bag, canvas bag, why every woman needs a weekend bag, escape bag,


weekend bag, weekender bag, canvas bag, why every woman needs a weekend bag, escape bag,


weekend bag, weekender bag, canvas bag, why every woman needs a weekend bag, escape bag,


I did move forward with ordering this canvas ESCAPE bag and I hope it arrives in time. I’ll update you once it’s in and packed for our trip. My anniversary is in 3 weeks. I’m super excited but I better start packing!

In the market for a weekender bag for an upcoming trip, need to get your first weekend bag like me, or you like to collect pretty bags? Check out this post for my top 10 weekend bags for women.


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