The Best Wet Bar Inspiration

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best wet bar inspiration

Are you in need of entertaining help? A wet bar is a great space to entertain guests without all the fluff. Here is the best wet bar inspiration that will surely inspire you.

Wet bars are also known as beverage bars or a butlers pantry. For the most part they are all one in the same. A wet bar gives you a space to entertain guests outside of the kitchen for a buffet, coffee, a glass of wine, cocktail, or other beverage. Traditionally, they are designed with sinks to increase the rate at which drinks are served.  The sink allows for glasses to be cleaned immediately or for adding water to drinks. Another popular option is including a refrigerator beneath the bar. This is useful for making chilled drinks and preserving items that need to be refrigerated.

When we viewed our home for the first time, we were surprised to see it had a wet bar. How exciting! It’s located in the living area, and we actually do use it. At times, we’ve considered changing the space into something else – maybe an office space (like we need another space to work) or a craft room (I don’t even do that many crafts). But we’ve settled on the space as a wet bar. It really is a great space to entertain. Since my kitchen is still a ways from being remodeled, the wet bar is a convenient area to entertain out of it. What you choose to serve in your wet bar is definitely dependent on your entertaining style. We use our wet bar occasionally for a coffee station and at other times as a beverage bar. In the future, I could see how it would make a nice buffet area as well.


Some common elements that I’ve noticed make a great wet bar are unique lighting, shelving (open or cabinetry), and one surprise  element. The wet bar is a fun space to entertain guests so why not have a little fun with your design? Colored bar stools, chalkboard paint on the walls, and non-traditional cabinet colors can all be surprising elements. Make your wet bar unique!

  • The lighting and chalkboard wall make this wet bar a one-of-a-kind space. The countertop is also open and gives ample space for a buffet area. A stainless steel, double-sided wine chiller holds a nice collection of wine. There is still ample cabinet space which was placed on each side of the appliance. With the cabinets at the bottom of the bar it keeps the space feeling “open and light”. Though very traditional in style, I really like this space. It just needs a little more character for my style though.

Elle-Decor-Showhouse_UE-03, wet bar inspiration , wet bar


  • Sonya of At Home with the Barker’s turned an unused space in her home into this beautiful space. She says it’s now the family’s favorite space in their home. I love that this was a DIY project! That gives me so much confidence that we can renovate our wet bar with a little sweat equity. I like every element in this little space too! You know I really like butcher block, so seeing that it was used for the countertops made me in love all over again. The open shelving is nice for storage and is fairly inexpensive to re-create. Did you notice the recessed lighting? Since the space is so small that was a great design choice. Don’t be surprised if my wet bar looks exactly like this! This bar is super cute and budget-friendly.

wet bar, beverage bar, wet bar inspiration


  • This modern wet bar has strong industrial overtones. It features lots of natural wood, metal barstools, and an overall modern design. I really like the chalkboard wall and the mint green barstools. Nice surprise elements! Did you notice the lighting is suspended from wood as well. So many unique features in this industrial wet bar. Job well done!

5z-home-bars, wet bar, wet bar inspiration


  • This wet bar looks like it blends in with the rest of the space. The cabinets are white with chrome hardware – a very classic and safe touch. The glass front cabinet doors showcase the china nicely. The cabinet lighting adds nice warmth to the space too. My favorite part of the this wet bar is the pretty subway tile! The light blue/gray subway tile makes this space pop. The subtle color coordinates nicely with the rest of the space. Do you like it?

Butlers-Pantry-Design, wet bar inspiration


  • This wet bar would probably qualify as a butler’s pantry. It looks like it’s a separate room with a door or a pocket door. It’s all white and you can’t go wrong with that. Marble always looks good when paired with white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. This is a very safe color scheme and it works well. It may be a little too predictable for my style. But it’s clean and beautiful. Kind of hard not to love!

wet bar inspiration


  • The first thing I notice about the wet bar below is that it stands out amongst the rest of the room. The surrounding room seems neutral but the wet bar is painted in a deep blue color. What a contrast? The countertops are also dark and starkly different. Even the bead-board is painted. Did you notice the glass front on some of the cabinets? It really breaks up the dark color on the cabinets. I also really like the mini wine chiller! I’d love to find a mini wine chiller that size for my wet bar.

wet bar, wet bar inspiration ]


  • Don’t have a dedicated space for a wet bar? Don’t fret! Here is a great example of using a piece of furniture and turning it into a beverage or wet bar area. It’s styled perfectly with flowers, a mirror, and other decor that make it feel apart of the house. Create or add your own shelves and baskets for storage purposes. I think this armoire adds so much character to the wet bar and it’s a conversation piece. You wouldn’t know it’s purposes until you open it up. Great use of space and very creative for sure.

wardrobe turned wetbar, wet bar inspiration


  • Look at what’s hidding behind these beautiful vintage doors? It’s a striking wet bar! I admire how the doors are soft and old and then the bar itself is bold and bright. The mirrored backsplash makes the space feel bright and clean. Not my taste, but very tastefully done. Can I just have those doors please? Gah, they are so pretty!

wetbar hidden behind vintage doors, wet bar inspiration


  • The size of this wet bar is perfect! It’s not big at all, but it has everything you’d ever need. My favorite part of this space is the white subway tile backsplash. The lights in and under the cabinets are also a nice touch! The dark cabinet color creates a warm touch and goes well with the countertops. The appliance at the bottom looks like a refrigerator/wine chiller combo. I’ve never seen that combo but think it’s genius for our needs. This wet bar does everything right even without taking up too much space.

wet bar, wet bar inspiration


  • This wet bar has a farmhouse style, which is very charming. Notice the bead-board backsplash, chicken wire on the cabinet doors, and the green cabinet color. This wet bar is very warm and it’s my second favorite out all the ones featured in this post. It’s very professional! Did you notice the appliances have custom wood panels on them? Our wet bar has a custom wood panel on the refrigerator as well. It makes the space very cohesive and sleek. This wet bar is very professional and custom. Love it!

farmhouse wet bar, wet bar inspiration

What’s so nice about an inspiration post is the ability to explore the unlimited options available for your home project. My wet bar is currently not a source of inspiration. That means it’s just time for an update. So, where do we go from here?

We will settle on a plan for the space and then budget accordingly. I love the idea of a little chalkboard paint, stained bead board backsplash and chicken wire cabinets. The right elements can be styled very tastefully and lend theirselves to a truly unique space. Whatever we decide, I feel that with such a small space that it can be done quickly and with little funds. Even if you don’t have a wet bar to update or the space to create one,  maybe you have a bar cart or another way to entertain guests without all the fluff. Use what you have to show true hospitality.

Hopefully you enjoyed the best wet bar inspiration. Which one is your favorite? 


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