DIY: Dual Purpose Flower Centerpiece + Ice Bucket

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Well, I know spring is here, technically, but it’s definitely been a slow start. It’s still snowing in some places and the weather in the South has been pretty cool too. I’ve been itching to get my hands dirty with a project, anything. Maybe a painting project or a DIY project? While at the grocery store picking up some dinner essentials, I spotted all of these floral beauties. I normally pickup a small bouquet of flowers when I grocery shop. This day was no different but this time I had something a little different in mind. What more could I do with these grocery store flowers? Let me show you how I made a dual-purpose flower centerpiece using an ice bucket.

What if I tried my hand at arranging the flowers in a professional way and include them in with some entertaining? Even if you’re not quite following me yet, stay with me. I promise this will be worth it. Anyways, I bought some dry foam and a galvanized ice bucket and got to work. Again, this project was for inspiration so I really didn’t know what I was doing until I started working. That’s actually how I am inspired. I just start something. So, I walked outside, since it was beautiful and got to work.

Though I’m not good at drawing or even gardening, I still do enjoy working with my hands. Right after I started arranging/playing with these grocery store flowers, I started to feel excited. Was inspiration spiking? Inspiration was definitely coming. Since my floral arrangement was so small, I decided to “amp up” the ice bucket with moss, scrap burlap fabric, and actually add drinks. This would be a dual purpose flower centerpiece and ice bucket. Yeah, I finally had the whole project figured out!

This is a project you can definitely re-create at home. Making this ice bucket, with a floral arrangement in the middle, makes for a remarkable centerpiece. These DIY project would be great for entertaining at home, especially outdoor get togethers. Would you like to know how to do it? Below you’ll find the supplies, you’ll need and instructions to pull off a similar look.



  1. Starting with the florals that have the most buds, cut and insert the floral stems into the floral foam. Start in the middle and work your way outwards. Be sure to not cut the flowers down too low until you know the height you’re looking for. In my case, I started with the spray roses and inserted them one-by-one into the foam. Play around with different heights until you reach the desired look you want. Don’t forget to remove those unsightly leaves from the individual stems! 
  2. Next, add the other set of floral bunches you have. I had 1 bunch of florals with 4 floral stems in it. So I decided to anchor those on the 4 corners of the floral foam. This step just sort of made sense. Four flowers, four corners. This is just the method I used and I’m not a professional. The great thing about using the floral foam is that if you can move things around until you have just the right look. 
  3. Now that your main floral bunches are set, it’s time to add the filler. The filler was a little thinner and more delicate to work with. I didn’t cut the stems as much with it and that worked best. This step is all about filling in the holes and making the arrangement look complete. The filler should be seen throughout the entire floral arrangement, and not in one particular area at all. It’s a filler!
  4. To hide the floral foam, add in moss or foam. Spread out the moss and stuff it into the arrangement so you can longer see the foam. 
  5. Lastly, add in scrap fabric, like burlap, to finish the look. I padded the remaining sides of the ice bucket with burlap to stack drinks on top off as well. The scrap fabric also adds in texture. 
  6. Add in your favorite bottled or canned drinks and you’re ready to go. Don’t forget the straws and napkins for those who prefer to sip that way! 

By the time I finished creating this dual-purpose ice bucket I was inspired. Even once the drinks are gone, I’ll still have a flower arrangement to look at it. It’s projects like this that keep my creative juices flowing and allows me the ability to give you content that inspires. Have I ever used floral foam and arranged flowers? No. But on this day I tried and it worked. If you’re intimidated by projects like these for entertaining, then practice in advance. That way whenever it’s showtime, you’ll be ready to go!

Do you see yourself re-creating this DIY project? What kind of event would you use it for? Let me know in the comments below. 



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