The Perfect Tunic

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There is not much to say, expect if you love tunics, then you must have this perfect roll tab tunic in your wardrobe. I love tunics and find them flattering for my body type. I’m not making the name up, this tunic, made by Lush at Nordstrom, is named the “Perfect Roll Tab Sleeve Tunic.” Uh, yeah – it’s perfect to me! I loved it so much I wore it multiple times on our trip! Black is flattering no matter what body type you have so that’s one thing I like about it. Also, the roll tab feature gives it an informal feel. It pairs perfectly with skinny jeans or leggings. Here is me wearing it throughout San Francisco and Napa Valley.

the perfect tunic

Tunic Top / Statement Necklace

The last time we visited San Francisco we did fall in love with the city. This time was no different. Around every corner there was a great spot to take pictures. Recently, I’ve rekindled my love for photography again. Therefore, I’m always looking for good lighting, good backgrounds, etc. I sort of just do it naturally. My photographer, Brandon got lots of instructions from me. Poor guy, I can’t help it! But, I’ll admit he did a great job of photographing me trying to get fashion pictures. It’s not easy to do these types of shoots but it’s fun. We laugh a lot! This is in front of our San Francisco hotel, Hotel Zephyr.

style, san francisco style, fashion, san francisco fashion, what to wear

Tunic Top / Similar White Pants / Shoes / Statement Necklace

This is on the side of our Napa Valley hotel, the Napa River Inn. This was our last day of wine tasting and our last day in Napa Valley. On this day, my hair was in a pony tail cause I was super sick. I had coughed all night! We had to get in a few more tastings before we left so I had to get presentable for that. The perfect tunic came to the rescue! I paired it again with my white jeans and Kendra Scott earrings. This simple studded clutch pulled it all together and we were off.

IMG_7237 (1)

Tunic Top / Similar White Pants / Shoes / Earrings / Clutch

The black shoes and clutch were found by my stylist Abby over at Trunk Club. The shoes were super comfortable yet stylish. So glad I had them for the trip! And I love the clutch. A six day anniversary trip with no kids calls for special bags. And this clutch is my new favorite. It was so much fun to carry around a small bag under my shoulder just for essentials. No diapers and wipes allowed! But if you’re wondering, yes, i seriously missed my kids! By this last day, both Brandon and I were both ready to see our little ones again.

IMG_7238 (1)

Everyone has a favorite piece of clothing that they love. What’s your favorite piece of clothing right now? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading my little blog. See you soon! 


For all you Pinterest-lovers, this image is ready for Pinterest!

the perfect tunic


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